2016 Eyeglasses from Sunnies and EO

Corey1I get new glasses every year or so because my frames break every year or so. Since 2013, I’ve been buying cheap plastic frames (P200 to P300) from the department store and having the lenses replaced with graded ones in optical shops. I spend around P1,000 for them. I don’t really mind shelling out around a thousand pesos each year for glasses because it’s exciting for me to shop for new frames. I never get the same frame twice because that’s just boring. Continue reading

Why is it so easy for you to make me cry?

You know you’re on an all-time low when you’re looking for ways to end your life…again.

For the most part, I see myself as a responsible person; I don’t drink excessively (in fact, I hate the taste of alcohol), I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I didn’t get pregnant when I was a teenager. Maybe one of my flaws is that I’m not a trained housekeeper for a five-star hotel, so I can’t keep up with your demands for cleanliness. Maybe another one is that I’m not an achiever, so you don’t have something to brag to your brothers and sisters and cousins. I am sorry for that; perhaps you should have played Mozart and Beethoven while I was still in the womb and then sent me off to housekeeping school so I could be the genius prodigy five-star hotel head housekeeper achiever you apparently want me to be. Continue reading