Anti-Acne Regimen (so far)

Late 2015 and early into 2016, my face (specifically my jaw and chin area) started sprouting clusters of pimples . I’ve been acne-prone since I hit puberty, but this was the first time since high school that pimples popped up like crazy on my face; I usually get just a couple here and there. I think it must be because of stress brought on by being org president because not too long ago, I enjoyed relatively clear skin despite being exposed daily to pollution.

Anyway, I knew it was bad because people were beginning to notice. They would ask me, “What happened to your face? You were clear-skinned before.” I haven’t been truly clear-skinned for more than a decade, but I’m glad they thought I was. Heh. Others asked, “How’d you get those rashes on your face?” And I had to explain that they were pimples, not rashes.

A friend told me of an affordable solution; she said her dermatologist recommended it to her. I bought a capsule of clindamycin hydrochloride (8 pesos each at The Generics Pharmacy), which is an antibiotic. I mixed it into a 225-mL bottle of astringent (netizens suggest Eskinol, but I’m currently using Kokuryu), and applied it to my face after cleansing like I usually do.

I also read about Katialis as an effective spot treatment on, so I immediately got one. It’s only around 20 pesos. I apply it on existing and healing acne (so basically my entire lower face) after astringent and moisturizer only at night, because I don’t imagine it will go well underneath makeup. It smells strongly of sulfur, but I don’t mind. It doesn’t make pimples disappear overnight (trust me, nothing will; healing takes time), but it dries them up and speeds up healing.


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For my facial wash, I alternate between St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser (it has salicylic acid) and Ilog Maria Honey Propolis soap.

St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser

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This combination seems to have worked because pimples (cystic or otherwise) have mostly stopped popping up on my face. Everything seems to have gone back to normal; I still get zits now and then, but nothing I haven’t already been experiencing since I was a teenager.

I read about a study that showed a difference in the strains of P. acnes bacteria present in clear-skinned and acne-prone individuals. If clindamycin and Katialis work, then it seems my acne is triggered by an abundance of the bad strain.

Recently, Helen of Lucky Citrine informed me that I won her AcneCare giveaway last December. Silly me; I must have forgotten all about that giveaway! Fortunately, she held on to the prizes for me. I received a set of AcneCare products–two soaps, a bottle of lactoferrin capsules, a bottle of drying lotion, and a bottle of Snow Skin Whitening Cream.

The AcneCare soap seems to be harsh; I feel my skin burning when I leave it on for more than 2 minutes. It’s also drying, but what’s weird is that it doesn’t remove makeup well. I’ll continue using this for a while because it doesn’t seem to have other adverse effects, but I can’t use it twice a day because it will dry out my skin, thereby exacerbating oiliness.

I have been using the drying lotion in lieu of Katialis. It’s very similar to Mario Badescu drying lotion, but it only costs 299 pesos. I can’t determine if it has any effect on my zits; we’ll see in time.

Thus far, I think the most effective item I’ve recently introduced in my skin care regimen is clindamycin. Adding it to my usual regimen without changing anything else really made a difference. Let’s see what will happen once I use up my bottle of astringent; I can’t use clindamycin continuously because I might develop antibiotic resistance. The P. acnes on my skin might evolve into super-bacteria that will cause angrier zits. Yikes!

Or perhaps I’m getting less pimples because I’ve been experiencing almost no stress lately. I wonder!



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