2016 Eyeglasses from Sunnies and EO

Corey1I get new glasses every year or so because my frames break every year or so. Since 2013, I’ve been buying cheap plastic frames (P200 to P300) from the department store and having the lenses replaced with graded ones in optical shops. I spend around P1,000 for them. I don’t really mind shelling out around a thousand pesos each year for glasses because it’s exciting for me to shop for new frames. I never get the same frame twice because that’s just boring.

My old pair passed the 12-month mark in December so I thought we would be together for another year, but one day in January, just when I was leaving the house, one of the arms broke. Whew!

I decided to get frames from Sunnies this year because I’ve always been interested in their designs. So this style is what I got–Corey in matte black with a gold bridge accent.


It’s only P399 but it feels more than that. The frame is weighty and doesn’t look cheap. It even looks heftier and sturdier than the 5,000-peso frames in Executive Optical (EO). In fact, I’m planning to get another pair to use as shades.

As usual, I headed over to EO to have the lenses replaced. My prescription is now -3.50/-3.75 (when will my myopia stabilize???). Unlike last year, they offered me two choices for the lens–P795 for the multicoated curved ones (like in contact lenses, the correcting power is only at the center), and P995 for the multicoated “flat” ones (there is correcting power throughout). I got the P995 ones. As expected, I didn’t get my glasses right away (these optical shops in malls only seem to have stocks for lower prescriptions like -0.50 to -1.75). I had to wait for four days to get them. I had to make do with my 2014 glasses, which made me slightly dizzy even if they had a lower prescription. I tell you, it’s so difficult to be dependent on glasses. I mean, I can’t wear contact lenses all the time, can I? I have to have both glasses and contacts.

The frame is pretty big (with a height of 46mm) because it was meant to be used as sunglasses, so it took some time getting used to. The nose pads lie against the middle of my nose bridge as opposed to the top, so at first I felt like my nose was constantly being squeezed. Also, because my new glasses are big, it’s so easy to smudge the lenses with my fingers or other objects.

I didn’t get ultra-thin lenses because I can still manage, but look how thick my lenses are getting:


Since I came into -3.00 and above territory, my lenses have always been thicker than my frames.

Like I mentioned earlier, these Corey frames are hefty. So combined with my thick lenses, the overall weight became considerable. I didn’t weigh my glasses, but I can tell they’re too heavy because they kept sliding down my nose. Fortunately, the staff at EO tightened my glasses at no charge. No charge! They didn’t even ask if I bought the glasses from them (I went on another day). They just took the glasses and returned them after a few minutes. I don’t know exactly what magic they did, but the glasses fit better, although they still slide down my nose a bit especially when my face gets oily.

Overall, I like my new specs because they don’t look like I got them for only P1,394. And I like the little gold bridge detail. Let’s see how long this pair would last.

P.S. I kinda regret not getting photochromic lenses. They’re only P1,980 at EO, and they would look good on my glasses since they’re big.


7 comments on “2016 Eyeglasses from Sunnies and EO

  1. Woah, that frame for P399? Awesome! Might as well look for one now! 😀

  2. Kristine Carreon says:

    Yung 1394 po ba frame+lens na? Or yung pagpalit lang po ng lens?

  3. Chloe Raina says:

    Hi! Can i use my sunnies(shades) as a frame for my new pair of lenses? Before going to eo. Thanks!


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