Crystal Garnet Black H Contact Lenses

Crystal Garnet Brown HPrice: P350 for a pair of graded lenses. Includes a lens case.

Available at Gwyshop

Click on the photos to see the full-size version!


As you can see from the glass vial, Crystal Garnet Black H has a diameter of 14.2mm and a base curve of 8.6mm. Once opened, these contacts are good for one year and one year only; it doesn’t matter if you use them once a month or daily.

I decided to get small, black contacts for a more natural look. Well, actually, some of my classmates still figure out that I’m wearing contacts (I think it’s because they can see the edges up close), but at least this pair isn’t as obvious as my big Crystal Ruby Brown ones.

You may think black contacts are boring, but they possess their own beauty–and they’re certainly easier to see than clear ones. With these on, my eyes look like round, luminous pools of ebony.

This is how my eyes look without contacts:

No contacts

And this is how they look with Garnet Black H. Note the minimal enlargement.

Garnet Black H

Of the three pairs I own, the Crystal Garnet Black H is the thickest, so I can clean it enthusiastically without being afraid that I might tear it. I know I mentioned at the outset that smaller contacts are not necessarily more comfortable than bigger ones, but I guess I’m wrong on that count. I’m positively itching to take off my 15.0mm lenses at the end of the day because I can feel the edges; not so with this 14.2mm pair. I mean, I can definitely feel it on my eyeballs like a big piece of debris at the end of the day, but it’s less annoying.


This small bottle of Sauflon Comfort Drops is my best friend. It’s not as moisturizing as Systane Ultra, but at P79, who am I to complain? The important thing is that it relieves some of the irritation and refreshes my eyes.

In all, I love Crystal Garnet Black H because of the natural look it gives and because its smaller size makes it more comfortable and easier to put on.



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