East West Bank Basic Savings Account

Let me start with a disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way with East West Bank and I’m not being paid to write this. I was just compelled to write about my experience!

Recently, I received payment via PayPal. It was my first time to use the service and it was very stressful for me. Long story short, I looked for debit cards that could be linked to PayPal so that I could withdraw the funds to my bank account and this Visa debit card from East West bank seems to be the crowd favorite, at least in the blogosphere. I researched some more, found out about their basic savings account, and proceeded to open one as soon as I could.

East West’s basic savings account is possibly one of the best, and most affordable, savings accounts out there.

With an initial and maintaining deposit of just 100 pesos, I don’t see how anyone would have trouble with it. However, what really takes the cake is the fact that you get this sparkly lime green Visa debit card when you open an account!

Visa debit

It’s such a refreshing color, don’t you think? And it’s Visa, which means you can use it to shop online and overseas.

Some people say you only need one valid ID to open a basic savings account. I tried that, but they also asked me for my school ID, my registration card, proof of billing, and even my birth certificate. If you’re not a student, skip the school ID and registration form, but bring two valid IDs just to be sure. Also, bring one ID picture for the signature specimen card. I don’t think it matters if it’s 1×1 or 2×2 as long as it’s an ID picture. I opened an account in 30 minutes or so and picked up my card after exactly one week.

Of course, don’t forget to enroll your account in their online banking service. It’s free. All you need is to sign up here, print the enrollment form, sign it, and submit it to the branch where you opened your account. It should be active in 24 hours. If not, call your branch of account to sort it out. I’m happy to know they implement an OTP (one-time password) system like BDO internet banking; this feature provides an additional layer of security to your online transactions.

I haven’t tried linking my Visa debit card to my PayPal account because I used another card for that, but you shouldn’t have any problems. East West staff are familiar with the process and will readily give you the four-digit confirmation number from PayPal once you ask for it.

After calling BDO and being told that they are not affiliated with PayPal, and after finding out that you can withdraw PayPal funds to your BDO savings account but you’ll get 200 pesos slashed off it as a “remittance fee”, I decided to withdraw my funds to my brand-spanking-new East West account instead. Well, the funds were successfully transferred to my account in two working days and I wasn’t charged anything for it, except the 50-peso PayPal fee for bank withdrawals less than P7,000. Win!

Using my East West debit card is different from using my BDO debit card in that I’m asked for my signature, as in credit card transactions, instead of being asked to input my PIN.

Thus far, I’m loving my experience with East West. If you’re looking for a savings account with a small maintaining balance, I highly recommend East West basic savings! They don’t charge extra for POS (point-of-sale) transactions and East West ATM withdrawals. You get a Visa debit card to boot!


65 comments on “East West Bank Basic Savings Account

  1. Gillian-Anni says:

    Hi, Good day. I have a simple question because I am really scared when it comes to processes like this, aside from 1 hundred pesos that you paid in applying for the new Visa Debit Cars, did you paid more than that? What is their purpose for the billing statement? I am planning to apply for a new account tomorrow and I want to go there and apply with my complete requirement to avoid delays and excess transportation fees. Thanks in advance, God bless you

    • Aviva says:

      I did not pay anything else. I think they require you to present bills in order to confirm that you really are living in the address you stated in your application form, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

      • Gillian-Anni says:

        Thank you for your help. I am ready for it now. I also asked my mum and friends about the billing statement and they answered the same thing. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. rendel says:

    May charge ba everytime na mag deposit ka sa account mo? magkanu? May 3 digit number ba sia sa likod near signature area i mean ung 3 digit security code ng card?thanks and god bless.

  3. ian says:

    Hi, kelangan pa ba na i-link ung East West Basic Account ATM card sa Paypal?? wla kasi aq alam sa Paypal eh..

  4. Siri says:

    hi everyone. I used EastWest Prepaid card for verifying my PayPal account, it went okay. But i encountered problems in withdrawing my PayPal funds to my prepaid card. Help please.

    • Aviva says:

      What problem, specifically? You could try calling East West’s customer service line.

      • Siri says:

        I tried to transfer/withdraw my PayPal funds to my Eastwest prepaid card, but my transaction was declined thrice.I called Eastwest bank regarding this matter but they told me that there’s no problem with my prepaid card. I tried to ask for PayPal customer support for numerous times seriously, but I just always receive an automate response. Poor customer support. 😦

  5. Siri says:


  6. 21minute says:

    Is Postal ID with Birth Certificate enough as valid IDs? That’s the only two things I have right now..

    • Aviva says:

      I’m not sure about the postal ID, unless you have the new version.

      • 21minute says:

        Yes, I have the new version. I got it last February. Would that be enough alongside my Birth Certificate? I’ll be getting an NBI clearance tomorrow as well but my selected purpose is “ID purposes.” As far as I now, there was no “Banking Requirement” when I scheduled for appointment and looked at the choices of purpose.

        • Aviva says:

          Probably, since they only asked for my school ID when I opened an account. However, I also brought my passport so they asked for that too. Anyway, I think the best way to find out is to call the branch where you’re planning to open an account. Click here for the list of East West bank branches and their contact numbers.

  7. Harry says:

    Finally an article that answered my painful question! Big thanks mwah2x!!!

  8. vie says:

    Hello. I’m just 15 and I want to open a new account that I can easily link to my paypal account. Do you think they will entertain me even if I’m just 15? I just want to ask how much is the maximum amount that you can use for a certain transaction everyday? Thanks!

    • Aviva says:

      You would probably need the permission of your parent/guardian. Best way to find out is to call the branch where you want to open an account. Click here for the list of East West bank branches and their contact numbers.

  9. hey aviva

    helpful post. do you know if east west applies an annual fee for your visa debit card? also, east west totally doesn’t subtract a remittance fee when you withdraw funds from your paypal to local east west bank account right?

    • Aviva says:

      As far as I know, there is no annual fee for this particular debit card, but it would be best to call East West customer service for more information. When I withdrew funds from my Paypal account, they did not subtract any fee.

  10. edelyn javier says:

    hi ask ko lng po ung nbsa ko n interest,.? pno po un tumutubo pob ung dndeposit mo,.?
    tnx po..


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