Remember my post about the affordable New Look solution? I was sort of desperate because it has been a month but it’s still out of stock at Verona Optical. Well, it turned out to be a good thing.

I went to Executive Optical to buy a small bottle of Neo Plus solution, which I had seen on display lots of times before. I couldn’t very well lug a big bottle of solution with me every time I wear contacts, could I? I was unsuccessful in this pursuit (where the hell did all the tiny Neo Plus bottles go to??), but I discovered something new–they’re selling this big bottle of LensFlo solution for only P61! Wow! That’s even more affordable than New Look! I’m glad they finally decided to post the prices of the solutions on their display cabinet or I probably wouldn’t have made this discovery. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s kinda embarrassing to ask the salesperson the prices of every single variant of solution they have. It’s easier to have the prices posted where everyone can see them at a glance.

LensFlo is manufactured in Korea…


…and here are its ingredients:


It contains the usual stuff: PHMB, poloxamer 407, and EDTA. As you can see on the very first photo, it also comes with a free lens case (very handy). I like that this does not have a popup cap like New Look; a screw cap reduces the chances that you will touch the nozzle by mistake, therefore lessening the risk of contamination.

I haven’t actually used this yet; I was just soooo excited to share how affordable it is! I think it’s time to throw away New Look; only a little is left in the bottle anyway and it sometimes stings my eyes, particularly when I haven’t had enough sleep. Contacts + not enough sleep = never a good combo!



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