Contact Lenses from Gwyshop

Gwyshop contacts

I must admit that pretty as my 15mm brown Crystal Ruby contact lenses are, I was looking for something new. So I pre-ordered two pairs of graded ones from Gwyshop on the last week of September and got them on October 1, about a week earlier than expected. The first pair is Crystal Garnet in black H, and the second is Crystal Mini Pearl in gray.  True to the reviews I’ve read, the contact lens vials were neatly packed with two lens cases in bubble wrap and put inside a paper bag bearing the shop’s name and logo. Each pair costs P350, but Gwyshop has an ongoing 50-peso off promo if you buy two or more pairs of contacts, so everything, including shipping, only cost me P650.

I had my eyes checked recently and it seems like my prescription hasn’t changed. As you can see, it’s still -3.00 for both eyes. I certainly hope it remains stable.

Both of these contacts measure 14.2mm. I will review each of them once I’ve worn them for a suitable amount of time, but my initial experience has been that 14.2mm contacts are not necessarily more comfortable than 15mm ones; they’re just easier to put on.



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