After one year of epilating…

More than one year ago, I decided to get myself an epilator because it promised smooth, hair-free legs for longer. I was tired of having to shave my legs every other day just to keep them smooth and hair-free.


I thought (and fervently hoped) that eventually, I would only have to epilate once a month.

But no.

More than one year later, I still have to epilate at least once a week. The hairs on my legs are much finer (and therefore less visible) now so I can get away with not epilating everyday, but my legs always feel stubbly. Epilating never makes my legs smooth like shaving does.


-Epilating takes at least 30 minutes; shaving takes me 10 minutes

-Hair grows back finer when epilated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel it

-Legs are very smooth right after a thorough shaving; epilating always leaves stubble

-Epilating results in ingrown hairs (which I have to tweeze before the follicle swells); shaving results in razor burn and, sometimes, cuts

Since I still don’t have funds for several sessions of laser hair removal, I’m gonna stick to epilating in the meantime. At least I don’t have to do it every other day, unlike shaving!


11 comments on “After one year of epilating…

  1. Rattus says:

    Meron ako nakita dun sa 3rd floor in Starmall back in April, I didn’t have time to check it out but it’s P300 per session, I was just contemplating to check it out pag may time

  2. i have been meaning to try epilators.. but, i stick to cold waxing bec i know how to make one. its cheaper for me i guess. new follower here 🙂

    • Aviva says:

      Really, you know how to make cold wax? That’s cool! I’ve tried waxing my legs but found it ineffective because the wax doesn’t pull out all the hairs. Maybe I need more practice.

      • yeah! its easy i found the recipe on google but making is trial and error, but now make it perfect 🙂 and just a tip, dust a baby powder on your hairs before waxing, it helps the wax adhere better on dry skin. hope this helps.

  3. Dawn Llanera says:

    I used to epilate as well. I think it lasted around 2-3 years before I decided to do waxing. I hate shaving, especially the underarm area because it’s so itchy and I have to do it everyday or every other day. Anyway, I availed a laser hair removal service for my UA at The Skin at Shangri-la. It was 50% off so I took it. After 5 sessions, my armpit hair is gone! I’m saving up for my legs next. 😀

    • Aviva says:

      Someday, I’d like to undergo laser hair removal for my underarms and legs too. I really hate having to remove unwanted hair; it’s such a chore.

  4. Matromao says:

    I did debate the epilating thing when I saw that exact model in Rustan’s. Parang okay, but the cheapo in me stuck to shaving. I’m usually in jeans kaya nadadaya ko. :))

  5. For days when I rush, it’s usually shaving but when I have time, I really sit down and wax. =)


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