Crystal Ruby Brown Contact Lenses


Here’s a review of my very first pair of contacts! I bought them from The Purple Tote Shoppe.

Price: P350 for a pair of graded contacts in two glass vials + P50 shipping fee

Includes a lens case, an instruction manual, and a 40 mL bottle of Dream Eye multipurpose solution.


45Water content: 42%

Base curve: 8.7 mm

Diameter: 15.0 mm

Expiry: November 2018 if vial remains unopened. Otherwise, 1 year after opening.

I bought a big bottle of solution from Executive Optical because every diligent contact lens wearer needs a lot of solution for cleaning both the contacts and the lens case. I’ll expound on this on another post. Sauflon All-in-One Light multipurpose solution costs P189 for 380 mL. Both this brand and Dream Eye don’t sting my eyes at all; in fact, I carry Dream Eye with me to use as eye drops whenever I wear my contacts.


This is how the contacts look like when not worn:

3They’re chocolate brown as opposed to yellowish brown. The pattern sort of looks like sea anemone. I chose this color because I figured it wouldn’t be garish on my dark eyes. See for yourself:

Crystal Ruby BrownOnly the sea anemone pattern is evident; the darker brown color and the limbal ring blend in with my natural eye color, making my eyes look huge. This pair looks okay even with minimal eye makeup (e.g., mascara only), although at first, I wasn’t used to the enlarging effect. The contacts look especially good in photos.

The longest I’ve worn these contacts is about 13 hours, which is a testimony in itself to how comfortable they are. I wouldn’t say they’re so comfortable that I forget I have them on, because I don’t, probably due to their size. Other than that, they pose no problems. I do like that I don’t forget I have them on because I don’t want to fall asleep in them or go near smoky or dusty areas.

However, one of the things I don’t like about wearing contacts is that there are some days when they just won’t go in without fuss. Once, I had to take my contacts out and re-rinse them five times before they felt comfortable, even though they had no visible debris or tears in them. Not good when you’re running late!

But I’m glad I overcame my apprehension about contact lenses. I love the freedom they give me! Glasses can feel irritating even to a longtime user like me. So yeah, I find myself using contacts more often when I’m going out, although you’ll find me in glasses when I’m just at home.



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