Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara in Black


Price: ~P1,500 for 7mL

Available at Bobbi Brown counters in department stores nationwide.

I received this slim tube of Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara nearly one year ago as an anniversary giveaway prize from Martha of The Beauty Junkee. Before you say, “Eww”, no, I haven’t been using it since then. I only opened the tube a few months back.

I like the slim, no-nonsense metallic black tube. It looks classy, and it doesn’t take up too much space in my vanity kit. The small and slim wand was something new to me, but I ended up liking it very much.

2It can get into the tightest spaces and it evenly distributes mascara on each lash, separating and coating them at the same time. It also allows me to put mascara on my lower lashes easily without making them look like spider legs. This mascara is best for lengthening, not for volume.

The formula is rather wet and thin when new, but it gets thicker over time. I am happy to say that it lives up to its 16-hour wear time claim. It does last that long without flaking or smearing unless of course you rub your eyes or get them wet, obviously. Amazing! That’s why this is the only mascara I use for my lower lashes; I can get through the day without worrying about getting raccoon eyes. It’s not that easy to remove with oil but I bet it’s not as resistant as waterproof mascara.

This is how my eye looks without mascara. My eyelashes are almost non-existent!


And this is how it looks with one coat of the mascara on curled lashes. I usually wear only one coat because it looks more natural.


See how the mascara darkened and lengthened my lashes?

I recommend this mascara to those who aim for natural-looking, non-clumpy lashes. I bet you will get compliments on your eyes like I did!



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