Shawill Showcase Blush

1Price: P99 for 4g

Available at Shawill counters in department stores and Watsons stores nationwide

Ingredients: Talc, mica, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, paraffin oil, lanolin, liposorb SQO, methyl paraben, propylparaben, fragrance, D&C red 7 CA lake, iron oxide black, iron oxide red, iron oxide brown, iron oxide yellow, FD&C yellow 5 AL lake

My lol blush shattered into pieces after I dropped it, so I needed new ones. I decided not to buy from lol anymore since it breaks that easily; besides, I wanted to try something new. I’ve read a lot about Shawill Showcase blush so I decided to check them out. At only P99 per pan, they’re really affordable. You get 4 grams of product, which will last you a long time if you’re only using it on yourself.


Top: #2 Beach Bronze
Bottom: #5 Candy Red

These pans of blush come in round pink plastic containers with translucent white lids. What made me choose these over other brands is the fact that they have their own mirrors. For P99, who’d have expected that? They’re bulky because they house these little puffs that you’re supposed to use to apply blush. I hope they discard the puffs and make the packaging slimmer.

I appreciate how they gave names to each shade, but they are misnomers. #2 Beach Bronze, for example, is a medium pink, while #5 Candy Red is coral bordering on orange.


Top: #2 Beach Bronze
Bottom: #5 Candy Red

As far as I have been able to ascertain, all seven shades in this line are matte…but not flat. Oh no, not at all. When applied, they impart a glow to one’s cheeks.

Pigmentation is average, which is how I like it because it’s so easy to make yourself look like a clown with highly pigmented blush. Staying power is also average; on my oily skin, the color lasts for 3-4 hours. The product has a powdery floral scent, but it’s barely noticeable. Lastly, I didn’t break out with it.

All in all, I highly recommend the Shawill Showcase blush, especially to those who don’t want to spend a lot on makeup. At P99 for a blush with decent pigmentation, seven shades, and a mirror, how can you go wrong?



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