Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush

Angled1This is the first part of a long overdue post on Artist Studio brushes. I’ve had my brushes for almost a year now, so I can definitely give you all a good review! I got these at Landmark Trinoma. I don’t remember the prices, but there’s nothing over P200, as far as I know. Today, I’ll be talking about the angled flat top brush.

This brush is of professional length. It’s so long, in fact, that I keep hitting the mirror with the handle when I’m applying my face makeup. It has a dark brown handle, pink ferrule, and two-toned hair. The paint on the handle chips easily, but even with daily use and abuse (and once a week washing), the hairs have never bled or shed. Ever. Isn’t that amazing? Take note that I have no backup brushes, so this is the only brush I use for my foundation/BB cream, and it’s still in excellent condition (except for the chipped handle).


It’s soft and non-scratchy, but it’s also hard enough to spread cream and liquid makeup.


The brush blends most forms of base makeup beautifully without compromising coverage as opposed to applying them with the fingers, which tends to sheer the base makeup out; however, I don’t recommend it for the Revlon Colorstay foundation. That one’s best applied with the fingers or a damp sponge to keep it from caking up.

Will I repurchase? Definitely! I’m going back to Landmark Trinoma soon to get a backup.



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