Skincare Routine 2

Skincare routine 2Hi! I’ve been really busy, but there’s time to post about my new skincare routine, which I’ve been undergoing for two months or so. I’m currently enjoying mostly clear skin nowadays, which is ironic because I’m now exposed to pollution everyday, not to mention I barely get enough sleep! There are still a lot of acne scars to contend with, but the important thing is that I have almost no pimples now.

1. Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam (P159). I’ve already made a review about this facial wash. I’ve almost used it up now, so there–a 50mL tube lasts around two months with twice daily use.

2. PanOxyl 4% cream (P230)I went back to my go-to acne treatment during my high school days and found that they don’t sell it in gel form anymore. I like this one better because of the plastic tube. It’s easier to get product out. It still smells horrible, but it works like it used to! I use this only at night, after moisturizer. Small to medium pimples disappear in around 3 days.

3. Human Nature 100% Natural Day Moisturizer (P149.75). I got a 50mL bottle to try out and ended up loving it. First of all, it smells wonderfully sweet, just like one of the lotions Human Nature used to offer. If you’re not a fan of scents on your skincare products, don’t worry because it doesn’t linger and isn’t overpowering. Second, it’s sooo affordable! Lastly, it keeps my oily skin soft and supple. I don’t know if this is moisturizing enough for dry skin types, but it keeps my skin moisturized without exacerbating oiliness. I use it day and night after my favorite toner, Eskinol.

I haven’t been exfoliating my face or body lately because my dermatologist told me that it’s unnecessary if you take a shower every day. Since I shower twice a day, it’s even more unnecessary. She said that exfoliating twice a week will just lead to wrinkles when I grow older. Between beauty magazines that advocate twice-weekly exfoliation and a member of the American Dermatological Society who has great skin despite her advanced age (seriously, her legs could rival any young woman’s), I’ll believe the latter! And I did realize I don’t need to exfoliate my face anymore because I use keratolytics–salicylic acid in my facial wash and toner, benzoyl peroxide in PanOxyl. They already cause the outer layer of the skin to shed, so why would I need further exfoliation?

And that, my friends, is my current skincare routine. Let’s hope my skin continues being good.


2 comments on “Skincare Routine 2

  1. Rattus Choki says:

    Hi Aviva, share ko lang… Back in my younger years I used to scrub like crazy because of that need to feel squeaky clean. Then I stopped when I found out it’s not good for the skin. I read in an article many years ago that shaving also helps to exfoliate and leads to a smoother skin. I don’t shave everyday (once a week lang), but I do notice my skin significantly brightens up after shaving.


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