Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo in PK 246

1Price: P295 for 6.5g

Available at Majolica Majorca stalls in department stores nationwide.

Ingredients: Disostearyl maleate, hydrogenated polyisobutene, mineral oil, dextrin palmitate, dipropylene glycol, fragrance, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, hydrogenated lecithin, calcium stearate, honey, beeswax, alcohol, water, royal jelly extract. May contain iron oxides, calcium aluminum borosilicate, mica, yellow 6, glyceryl diisostearate, dimethicone, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tocopherol, red 7, blue 1, red 6, triisostearin, titanium dioxide, trimethylolpropane, triethylhexanoate, polysilicone-2, methicone, tetradecene, silica

I was surprised at how small this lip gloss is in person, but on second thought, lip glosses ought to be this small because they’re liquid and therefore are a more conducive environment for bacteria; smaller sizes ensures that you finish up a tube more quickly.

3PK 246 is a sheer pink gloss with lots of silver shimmer. Since I have pigmented lips, it’s too sheer to be used alone. However, it’s a nice topper for lipsticks. Because of its moisturizing properties, I use it for lipsticks that are a bit too drying.

It’s a bit sticky, but it doesn’t make the lips stick together. It also smells (and tastes a bit) like marshmallows, which is nice.

It has a slanted end like most lipsticks, but I don’t apply it directly on my lips. Instead, I squeeze a bit of gloss onto my clean ring finger.

2Overall, I like this gloss because of its convenient size, its yummy smell, and how it makes my lips look juicy. And, oh, it actually does contain honey! I won’t buy it, though, because I’m not the type of person to spend more than P100 on gloss.


One comment on “Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo in PK 246

  1. Rattus says:

    Same here, I’m not a lip gloss fan, but based on your description, I think it’s interesting to check this out =)


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