BB Cream Update

BB creamsAs a person suffering from acne and post-acne hyperpigmentation, I just can’t bear to go bare (lol). I need to cover my blemishes so I can stop focusing on them. I’ve found BB creams to be perfect for this because they are light enough for everyday use while still being able to conceal my imperfections.

I’ve been using Ever Bilena’s whitening BB creamΒ for the past few months, but it’s now looks too fair for my skin. Maybe I tanned a bit? So I repurchased a tube of San San’s BB cream, which is a bit too dark for me but which I mix with the EB BB cream to get my perfect match. You know your base is the exact match for your skin when it sort of disappears even if you haven’t blended it yet. I use my favorite Artist Studio angled flat top brush to buff the BB cream into my skin. Can you believe that it hasn’t shed a single hair even though I use it everyday and wash it frequently? Only the handle, which has chipped in places, shows signs of wear.

If you’ve noticed, San San’s BB cream now has “Beige” printed on it. This is because they’ve released a lighter shade called “Natural”. It’s very light, though; I think it’s for NC20s or fairer. I wish they would release a midtone shade so I don’t have to mix BB creams anymore.

Another reason I decided to repurchase San San’s BB cream is that the EB BB cream tends to highlight my blemishes because it’s now too light for me. When mixed with San San’s BB cream, however, my blemishes are better hidden. So remember that, guys and girls–lighter shades will highlight acne marks while darker shades will hide them.

Sometimes my face turns a bit orange when I use too much of San San’s BB cream, but I actually prefer a slightly darker face than a too-light one. To me it looks more natural compared to the ghostly (and why-do-you-have-too-much-makeup-on) look a white cast imparts.

The only beef I have with BB creams is that they give off a dewy effect that an oily-skinned girl like me doesn’t need. But oh well, BB creams are made to look dewy anyway, so I can’t really blame them. That’s it for my BB cream update! Maybe my combo will also work for you if you have NC30 skin like me.


7 comments on “BB Cream Update

  1. Yay! The released a lighter one. πŸ™‚ Awesome. I’ve been to Trinoma Landmark and there are a TON of brushes there and cases. Ugh. I wanted to stay longer but I had to go somewhere 😦 But I had the chance to grab a crease brush and angled blush brush.

  2. You might wanna try the gel formula. They work better on oily to acne prone skin (like me mine). I personally like Kanebo KATE’s BB Cream Gel. It has a matte finish too. I saw a counter at Landmark. πŸ™‚

  3. Sakuranko says:

    Personally I recommend you use water type BB Creams are great for skin with acne. Not oily face, sweetie please join to my Giveaway!
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  4. I am using celeteque bb crem, it is non comedogenic and hypoallergenic though it doesnt really clear up my pimples but ever since I go back in using this ever bilena bb cream, I would remove my make up after school with a cleansing cream and stings like hell always. I always find new forming cystic acne. And this is the culprit.


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