FootEase by Watsons Heel Shields

Foot Ease Heel Shields

Just a heads-up: if you’re like me who’s always getting blisters on the back of the ankles because of shoes, you’ll be happy to know that FootEase by Watsons also carries heel shields (besides other nifty little stuff to make shoes more comfy). I find them a bit pricey at P109 for a pair, probably because I’m stingy. Haha! I think they’re made of silicone. I bought something highly similar from Japan Home Center for P88 and have regretted not getting more than one pair because I never saw them again. Anyway, you can use these on different pairs of shoes, but the adhesive loses its grip after a few times of sticking and unsticking. Therefore, what I’ve done is super glue my heel shields on the backs of a pair of shoes so that they’ll stay there forever. This is why I bought three pairs from Watsons–I want each of my shoes to have their own heel shields.

Oh, and the good thing about these heel shields is that they’re on a buy 2 take 1 promo. Get three pairs for the price of two!

I don’t know if these are new because I’ve never seen them in any other Watsons store before. I only spotted them today in Watsons The Block, SM North EDSA. Do tell me if they’re available in the Watsons stores near you!



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