BabyLiss Paris CompactYou Curl

5Price: P1850, but I got it on sale at P1350

Available at Watsons stores nationwide

BabyLiss Paris CompactYou Curl is a 16mm ceramic straightening iron that can also be used for curling.


Those curved plates on one side of the iron are used to assist in curling. You clamp down on your hair, twirl it once around the iron, and slowly glide it down to curl it. I find it hard to do, though, so I never used this for curling. But if you want evidence of its curling power, check out this review at My Lucid Intervals. I suck at curling irons!

You can see the on-off switch on the photo. A little red bulb lights up when the tool is turned on. It doesn’t have any heat settings. It heats up to a maximum of 180 degrees Celsius within 30 seconds. 180 degrees is hot enough to straighten most people’s hair without burning it, but if you have curly hair, I suggest you go to the salon for professional straightening.


Excluding the cord, this iron is only about 7 inches long, making it perfect for travelling or even throwing in your bag when you just feel like carrying a heat styling tool. Haha!


It has a swivel cord, which means the cord won’t tangle no matter which way you go.


It also has rounded plugs. The package doesn’t come with an adaptor, but you can buy a universal adaptor for only P50 in Ace Hardware.

It straightens and smoothens my rebonded hair pretty well, making it look healthier. I’m not a professional, though, so it’s not as sleek and shiny as I would like it to be. To prevent further drying out my hair, I use a heat protectant and I go over each section only once. What I love about this is that it doesn’t leave my hair too hot to touch; the temperature is just right. Also, its small size allows me to get very close to my scalp, where the curly roots are.

All in all, this tool is perfect for people with straight or slightly wavy hair, and those with short hair. It’s great for when they can’t just wash and wear their hair, or if they want it straighter. If you’re good with curling irons, this would be pretty useful too.

Now, I’m selling this hair iron because I bought a new one. I bought this in March and have used it for only three times. It’s still covered by its one-year warranty. I’m letting it go for P1150, a really good deal considering its original price of P1850. Good as new! Check my Sulit ad for more details.



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