After one year of using coconut oil

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I started using virgin coconut oil externally around March of last year and made a post about it in May. So what happened since then?

Well, I’m still using it! That’s an achievement for me since I can’t seem to stick to one product for long. I guess the results have convinced me to keep using it, eh?

I no longer use it as a deodorant–I’ve gone back to Dove, which works very well for me. I also don’t use it to shave anymore (because I don’t shave my legs anymore).

However, it remains my #1 moisturizer for the hair, face, and body. I have a number of lotions sitting on my vanity right now, but I rarely use them. Nothing beats VCO in terms of moisturization. It doesn’t work against eczema for me, but it keeps my dry skin soft, supple, and shiny! I always use VCO for the skin around my eyes, my neck, and my décolletage, but I rarely use it on my face nowadays so it won’t work against my Celeteque back acne spray (which I use on my face). It still doesn’t break me out. How do I know that? Well, I get pimples whether or not I use VCO on my face, and VCO doesn’t cause more pimples to grow. There are good skin days and there are bad skin days.

Furthermore, I also use VCO as makeup remover. It’s very effective and it smells yummy too. It makes my vision cloudy for a moment, but it doesn’t sting my eyes.

I’ve been having my hair rebonded for years, and now hair fall is at its worst. You could stuff a pillow with all the hair I find on my bedroom floor everyday. So now I apply two tablespoons of VCO on my scalp and hair every other day in the hopes of curbing hair fall. Like I said before, VCO (and an all-natural conditioner) helps strengthen my hair. I do believe that I’m not yet bald despite constant rebonding because of VCO.

The only brand I use is Peter and Paul VCO, which is available at SM Supermarkets for P154. A 250-mL bottle lasts for around 3 months.

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It’s not better than any other VCO brand; it just so happens that I always shop at SM supermarkets, and this is the brand they carry. Well, they also have SM Bonus VCO, a bit cheaper at P140, but I don’t like the sky blue packaging of that so I don’t buy it.

I haven’t gotten around to taking VCO internally yet because I can’t think of where to put it other than hot coffee. I can’t take it by itself, and it tastes terrible when mixed with milk. Well, someday I’ll get to that. For now, it’s a fantastic moisturizer.



8 comments on “After one year of using coconut oil

  1. leslie says:

    hi ? are you still using VCO,pwede malaman kung magkano na ngayon ang peter paul VCO at anong size?thanks

    • Aviva says:

      Yes, I’m still using it for my hair and body. I don’t know the exact price, but it’s somewhere between P150-P200 for a 250mL bottle. Bonus VCO also works the same, although the scent is not as pleasant as that of Peter and Paul.

    • Maricle says:

      I bought my 250ml Peter and Paul VCO at Landmark and it is P173.00

  2. Fatima says:

    Do you still use Peter and Paul? I could not longer find this brand at SM Supermarket >_< If you could still see this brand in any SM Supermarket please do tell me where!? Peter and Paul is the best tasting VCO around as far as all those I've tasted and it's a shame that couldn't find it anymore

    • Aviva says:

      Not currently because I could not find it at SM supermarket as well. As far as I know, Peter and Paul could be found at SM Hypermarket. Will let you know if I find one! 😉

  3. diane says:

    Hi! I landed on your blog because I was looking for sellers of Peter Paul oil. My Korean friend sought my help in looking for this brand of VCO. I felt a little stupid because, I’m a Filipino and I’m not familiar with the brand at all. Hahaha I heard VCO but I don’t really use it.

    I found stocks of Peter Paul Oil in SM Supermarkets. The smaller bottle retails for Php 169.75. Although I’ve noticed that most SM supermarkets don’t have a lot of stocks. My friend told me that VCO is very expensive in S. Korea. It sells for around Php 500 per small bottle. Woah!

    Now that I read the uses of VCO, I’m tempted to use it as well. I also have chemically treated hair. I’ve been bothered by the hair fall and the never ending frizz. I might try it one of these days.

    Thanks for this article. You have a great and informative blog 🙂

  4. lovelyn hyuna says:

    i love using VCO it makes my skin soft and healthier even without lotion


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