Inti-Mate Bra Converter

1Price: P250

Available here.

This is one of the stuff I received from The Beauty Junkee’s 4th anniversary giveaway, and it has proven to be very handy. Now, there are two kinds of bra converters: one type converts ordinary bras into low-back ones, while the other type converts them into racerback ones. The Inti-Mate Bra Converter falls into the latter category. Each pack comes with three clips in black, nude, and clear. Of course, you don’t have to match the color of the clip to your bra color if you don’t want to. Most racerback shirts are opaque, anyway.

2They’re very easy to use. Just loosen your bra straps, then reach behind your back and take one strap, then slip it under one “arm” of the bra converter. Do the same to the other strap, then slowly slide the clip down the length of the straps. Adjust the straps if needed. To remove the clip, just slide it back up then remove the straps from the arms. Each pack comes with an illustrated guide, so don’t worry if you didn’t understand my instructions.

The guide says these clips convert any bra into a push-up bra, and it’s true (especially if you have bigger breasts). It tightens the straps and lifts the bra cups, resulting to a push-up effect. These clips will also be useful for old bras with loose straps that can’t be remedied by simple adjustments.

I admit they’re quite expensive at P250, but the Beauty and Minerals shop is currently offering a buy one, take one promo for these clips. Split with a friend so you’ll only pay P125 each. These are not essentials, but they’re definitely convenient. It’s not nice to see bra straps peeking out of your racerback shirt!



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