Fanny Serrano Classic Lipstick in Orchid


It’s time to review one of the lipsticks I got for free from FS Cosmetics. Their lipstick giveaway is still ongoing; check out my previous post for details on how to claim your free lipstick.

Today, I’ll be talking about Orchid, a creamy, semi-matte pink-peach color.

Orchid2These are its ingredients: Beeswax, ozokerite wax, lanolin anhydrous, candelilla wax, isopropyl myristate, microwax butyl stearate, titanium dioxide (rutile), mearlin pearl powder, castor oil. May contain D&C Red 7 (C.I. 15850:1), D&C Red 27 (C.I. 45410:1), D&C Orange 5 (C.I. 45370:1), D&C Red 21 (C.I. 45380:2), D&C Red 34 (C.I. 15880), D&C Red 6 (C.I. 15850), Brown Iron Oxide (C.I. 77491), Yellow Iron Oxide (C.I. 77492), D&C Brown No. 1 (C.I. 20170)

The packaging is made of sturdy black and clear plastic. It feels slightly heavier than most lipsticks I’ve tried. The lipstick bullet retracts fully into the tube. Manufacturing date is stamped on the cap; this particular lipstick was manufactured on July 10, 2012. I’ve read that lipsticks are good for two years, but I have some lipsticks that are more than two years old and they’re still good (by that, I mean that pigmentation, scent, and taste haven’t changed at all).

Pigmentation is average; it’s neither sheer nor very pigmented. This is how two swipes look on my arm:

Orchid arm swatchVery pretty, right? I like warm pinks a lot. Unfortunately, it looks nude on my lips:

Orchid lip swatchIt looks more pink (and shiny) here because of flash, but in real life it’s more nude than pink on me.

The lipstick glides easily, but the texture is a little dry and the pigment tends to settle into lines so I feel like I have to smack my lips once in a while to prevent that. It fades in about three hours. Sometimes, there’s flaking after it dries; I don’t know if this is due to the lipstick or due to my lips’ natural dryness.

So do I like it? Well, yes, it’s okay. I prefer pinkish nudes to nudes, so I like wearing this when my eye makeup is a little heavy. But when it comes to pink-peach lipsticks, I’d still choose Nichido Juicy Lips in Raspberry Float.



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