Fashion 21 Marble Lip Gloss

I was looking for affordable nude gloss one day when I stumbled upon this product on the Fashion 21 stall. I would’ve preferred a shimmer-free gloss, but the ones I saw were too expensive. I wouldn’t spend too much on gloss since it would spoil in about a couple years anyway because its liquid nature is more conducive to bacterial growth.


It’s a mixture of peach, pink, brown, and white gloss. Mixed together, it is this pretty, shimmery peachy pink color.


On my lips, though, it appears as a pearly nude. As long as you don’t use too much, the frosted finish is not entirely undesirable.


The product has a nice scent and taste that I can’t really describe; I’m thinking it’s orange vanilla, but I can’t really be sure. For those who don’t like scent and taste in their products, don’t worry, it’s not pervading. It has a slightly tacky texture, but the color doesn’t last long despite that. This gloss is really affordable at P65 and is a good product to check out.



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