Cafeño Coffee Shop

Along General Luna St. in San Juan, Batangas is a cozy coffee shop called Cafeño. I suppose its name comes from “cafe” and “Batangueñ0 (a term for people who live in Batangas)”. It has undergone a lot of renovations in a relatively short time. It used to look like an old Spanish era house before, but now it looks more modern. The entrance is located on one side.1

You go straight to the counter, take a menu, and choose what you want. The menu is neither extensive nor limited; there are enough choices for variety, yet they are not so many as to overwhelm.


The interior is cool and cozy, perfect for a reprieve from the merciless summer sun. There are boxes and tins of arrowroot cookies on one wall…


…as well as a basket of barako coffee. You can choose from ground coffee (P135) or coffee beans (P110). I wouldn’t recommend buying from the store, though. Just five minutes away is the San Juan Public Market where you can buy a KILO of barako coffee for the same price.


Opposite the arrowroot cookies display are some cakes and pasta for sale. Pasta did not look fresh; the cheese on top looked hard and dry.


I ordered a slice of chocolate cake (P80) and mocha barako float (P85). The cake is good–it has a bit of caramel filling and is not too sweet. It could be moister, though. I could get a slice of heavenly chocolate cake from a cake shop called Chocolat for the same price. The mocha barako float lacks the fullness that barako coffee is known for, though; it’s a bit too pricey for the quality. But if you’re just looking for iced coffee to chase the summer heat away, it will suffice.

6All in all, there is nothing spectacular about the coffee, but it’s a good place to hang out in. I will go back to try some of their meals.



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