Philips Satinelle HP6400: An Epilator

Since I was getting tired of shaving my legs every other day, plus I’m too lazy to go to a waxing salon, I decided to get myself an epilator. I looked high and low at the SM Appliance Center for this; turned out Watsons carried several boxes. The Philips Satinelle HP6400 is a non-wireless basic epilator with no fancy attachments; it’s only supposed to be used on the legs. It costs P2299.


The epilator is pretty cute with its swirly print and purple switch. It fits nicely in my palm.

5The box contains the epilator, a wall plug with a very long cord (so there’s really no problem with it not being wireless), a manual, and a few other papers.

The cord comes bundled differently than shown. I wind my cords using the over-under method.

The cord comes bundled differently than shown. I wind my cords using the over-under method.

As shown on the back of the box, this epilator has two different speed settings, namely, fast and faster.

1The epilator head can be removed by just pushing it toward the direction of the purple switch. It can be rinsed under running water while rotating the tweezers to get rid of hairs and dead skin. For hygienic purposes, I also spray mine with alcohol. I then pat it with a cloth to get rid of excess water droplets and let it dry for about an hour before attaching it to the body.


The little tweezers are responsible for pulling out your hairs.

2Unfortunately, it doesn’t remove hair evenly. You have to go slowly over your skin to let the tweezers pull out the hairs, but no matter how slowly I go, the epilator ends up cutting most of them. So in that way, it’s just like a razor. The difference is that hair regrowth takes longer. I only have to epilate once a week instead of shaving every other day. Well, I can live with that, but it’s still annoying to have to remove hair so often.

Using the epilator on the legs feels like having them pricked with several tiny pins. Yes, it hurts, but it’s tolerable. Despite the explicit instruction to use this device only on the legs, you can actually use this on your armpits too. I’ve read that that hurts, but I didn’t feel anything, even on my first time. I guess it’s because I’m used to waxing my pits.

By the way, this device is very noisy. Turning it on sounds like firing up a chainsaw!

So would I recommend this? If you’re like me who hates shaving but has no time for waxing, epilating is for you. It’s much neater and quicker than waxing, although it does not completely remove hair. It’s great for the armpits, too! If you have to wear a sleeveless piece of clothing but you find your pits full of fuzz, epilating them takes just about five minutes–unless your pits resemble the Amazon Jungle. It would be best to epilate before applying deo, though.

If you’re not too lazy to make an appointment at the waxing salon, go for waxing. It gives you smooth, hair-free legs for weeks. However, I still think the best solution is laser hair removal!


2 comments on “Philips Satinelle HP6400: An Epilator

  1. Erin says:

    Aviva, the pain women go through to have smooth legs. I wish we could all get laser hair removal. I find that if I exfoliate before I epilate hair tends to break less. Make sure your skin is completely dry. You could also trying using baby powder/talcum to make the hair drier and stand up. Use a nice slow controlled movement in the opposite direction of growth or in circular motions while holding skin tight.

    • Aviva says:

      True! Men are luckier in that it’s okay for them to have hairy legs. Yes, I always exfoliate before I epilate to make sure there’s no dead skin clogging the area around the hairs. I haven’t tried using baby powder; I’ll do that next time! Thank you so much for the tips; I really appreciate them.


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