Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil

I haven’t needed spot treatments for a long time until my pimples returned with a vengeance, so I got myself a 15-mL bottle of Zen Zest’s tea tree oil.

At P150 (under $4) a bottle, it’s way
more affordable than The Body Shop’s 10mL bottle of tea tree oil, which retails for almost P500 (around $12) here. Ridiculous. Both aren’t 100% tea tree oil anyway. Incidentally, I asked the Zen Zest saleslady if their tea tree oil didn’t contain anything other than tea tree oil and she said yes. I wonder if she misunderstood my question because looking at the ingredients list–

water, denatured ethyl alcohol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, tea tree oil

–obviously tells me that their product contains more than just tea tree oil. Well, I prefer Zen Zest’s over The Body Shop’s because it contains fewer ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I like products with a short ingredients list because I believe you don’t need to dump a truckload of stuff into a product in order for it to be effective.

The oil has a woody, minty scent. It’s quite strong when you sniff it straight from the bottle, but once you apply it, the smell mellows and fades in a few minutes. It feels cool on the skin, and it’s not slippery like other oils; it dries quickly. I haven’t experienced irritation because I’m using diluted oil.

Tea tree oil doesn’t seem to prevent me from getting zits, sadly, but in general, it shrinks them faster. Big zits shrink in just two-three days as opposed to forever (my pimples heal very slowly). The pimples on my chest that have been present for almost a month were gone in a few days. Combined with a comedone extractor, tea tree oil does speed up healing.

I read on the internet that a study was made comparing 5% tea tree oil to 5% benzoyl peroxide. Both were found to be effective against pimples, although tea tree oil took longer to start working. So yes, tea tree oil works! Just don’t expect it to work overnight.

Because I have acne-prone skin, a 15mL bottle lasts about a month and a half. You don’t actually need a lot of this; two to three drops for the entire face should do it.

Incidentally, the label says that tea tree oil absorbs oil. Interesting! But it really does. As I mentioned before, three hours after washing my face at night, my face is an oil slick, necessitating blotting before going to bed. With tea tree oil, as with apple cider vinegar toner, my face is just dewy, not shiny.

Now, let’s summarize:


The Good

  • Affordable at P150
  • Shrinks pimples faster compared to when you just leave them alone
  • Has oil control properties

The Bad

  • Doesn’t prevent the occurrence of pimples

Yes, I will repurchase! It’s annoying to be getting pimples as if I were a teenager again, but at least they’re healing faster.


6 comments on “Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil

  1. Kumiko Mae says:

    That’s quite affordable for a tea tree oil. Fortunately, i dont need to treat spots so I wouldn’t have to, but I agree with you that a shorter ingredients list feel safer to use

  2. leebarbs says:

    I am so surprised. I’ve been buying the one at The Body Shop also, they’ve one in a tube with wand, and another one in a tiny bottle that’s almost Php500. That smells better than the one I bought at Beauty bar ( I forgot how much na, but not overtly pricey). I shall get this Zen Zest thing soon, along with my faves massage oil and their body scrubs, too!

  3. Sola says:

    And where in Manila does one go to buy it?


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