Watsons Blackhead Remover

I was browsing Watsons (SM North, The Block) one day and found a bunch of stuff I was looking for. Glad to discover that particular branch is well-stocked. One of the things I got was this blackhead remover. It’s being sold for P49.50 (a little over a dollar).

It’s dual-ended; on one end is the extractor and on the other is a needle for picking on blackheads that refuse to be removed easily.

I’ve tried it on my nose, which is dotted with small blackheads. Can you believe that I never really cared about removing them before? It was really fun to see all the gunk springing out of the pores. This tool is better than those pore strips that are painful to remove and even stretch the pores. It also makes an excellent comedone extractor. A little push and out comes the gunk from even small pimples. Hee hee. Some people love seeing this stuff; they even have playlists of sebaceous cyst videos on YouTube. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I like that the inflammation will heal faster because the collection of sebum and dead skin cells that’s causing it has been pushed out.

If you’re acne-prone like me, you’re probably gonna love this. Remember not to push too hard on your skin and to disinfect the tool after every use.


3 comments on “Watsons Blackhead Remover

  1. Phorever Alown says:

    Gotta Look For This on Watsons!

  2. mhike says:

    pa biLe ako mam dasma cav. Pa ko e bayaran ko na LnG thru shipnG .


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