Fashion 21 Dipliner

I used to be hesitant about using liquid eyeliners because I once tried them and it was so difficult to create a neat line. So all these years, I’ve only had pencil liners in my stash. I’m currently using Nichido Girls’ Night Out pencil in Blackest Black. It’s so soft, creamy, and pigmented; the result almost looks like liquid eyeliner. I decided to try liquids, though, because it’s so hard to get a sharp cat’s eye with pencils. Therefore, I got myself an 8-gram bottle of Fashion 21 Dipliner for P115 (a little under $3).
These are its ingredients:
Magnesium aluminum silicate, methyl cellulose, kaolin, methyl paraben, ethyl alcohol, deionized water. May contain: black iron oxide (CI 77499), brown iron oxide (CI 77491)

It has a long handle but a short brush. The end is pointed and stiff; I think it’s made of felt, though felt-tipped pens are definitely softer than this.

It’s quite easy to use; far easier than liquid liners with brush applicators. It’s sort of like wielding a pencil liner except that you’re working with a different medium–liquid–and that’s where the similarity ends. Used alone, I have to go over my upper lash line twice to get the pigmentation I want because the applicator does not pick up as much liquid as a brush would. Also, the product gets into my eyelashes! Well, pencil liners do too, but the liquid makes my lashes a bit stiff.

What I do is line my eyes first with pencil then go over it with liquid. It’s easier and quicker this way. Then I create a sharp flick afterwards, though I still need practice; the flick isn’t as sharp and fine as I want it to be. Sometimes, it turns out too long and thick and needs refining with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover. I only want a subtle cat’s eye, you see, such as the one Filipino actress Dawn Zulueta is currently sporting. It’s pretty on almond eyes such as hers and mine because our eye shape does not really need elongating (or rounding, for that matter).

The liner dries in 15-30 seconds with a glossy finish, so it always looks wet. It’s pretty smudge-proof; lightly rubbing it won’t make it budge, but you shouldn’t really be rubbing your eyes. It’s waterproof, too, and my friend can attest to this: after swimming one time, she said, the liner was still intact. I suppose it’ll come off a bit if you rub it, though. It’s not easy to remove with coconut oil; I find that I have to rub it off gently for several seconds before it disappears. Obviously, this liner can last all day without smudging. Well, what can I say; even non-waterproof pencils last all day despite my oily lids because I don’t touch my eyes if I have makeup on.

Now, let’s summarize:

The Good

  • Affordable at P115
  • Short brush and stiff, pointed end makes application easy even for newbies
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof

The Bad

  • Applicator doesn’t pick up much product
  • Glossy finish (I prefer matte)

I recommend this to liquid eyeliner beginners like me! Even veterans may find it useful. Don’t throw out your pencils just yet; they come in handy too, especially if you’re in a hurry or if you’re aiming for a sultry smokey eye.



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