Travel-Friendly With Beabi

Beabi carries a lot of different bags and pouches for various purposes, but I didn’t know they also carried atomizers, lotion containers, oil bottles, etc until I went to check out their version of the Travalo. Theirs is cheaper by P500, by the way. Still too expensive at P300+, so I’m sticking to good old atomizers.
I got a 15mL oil bottle for P20 and two 20mL atomizers for P40 each. All the containers come in nondescript white. Previously, I bought a 7mm funnel for P20. You may need more than one funnel for different liquids, but I just wash mine so I could use it again.

I transferred some coconut oil to the oil bottle so I could lug it around in case my hands need some TLC. One atomizer I filled with alcohol; very handy for spraying toilet seats, makeup brushes, just-emptied trash bins, tables–the list goes on and on. Perhaps I’ll fill the other one with water for moistening makeup brushes.

So if you need some travel-friendly containers, head over to Beabi. They don’t just carry small ones, actually; I also saw some rather large bottles (100 mL? 250 mL?).

However, you could get purse atomizers cheaper at Vente stores, which are our version of dollar stores. You can get them in various colors, too!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored by Beabi.



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