New Glasses!

I got my new glasses on the 28th of December! Finally! I had been dreaming of new glasses for a while because I was tired of my old pair, one with metal pink frames and lilac arms.
My new glasses are tortoiseshell wayfarer-style ones from a brand called Kinetix. I got them at SM Department Store for only P160 (a little under $4) because they were on sale for 20% off. Not bad, eh? Some people advise against getting frames from department stores or sunglasses stores because of durability issues, but I’ve had a pair of P200 something glasses for more than two, three years, and they still look good. I even have a cheap pair of flea market sunglasses and it’s still intact! It’s all in the handling. Just be careful with your stuff!

I chose wayfarer-style frames primarily because they’re currently trendy. Hah! Looks like I really can’t say I don’t follow trends. But they also look good on my round face! The shape, color, and width of the frames offset the roundness. They’re a bit big, so my face looks a bit smaller by comparison.

Now, for the lenses, I went to The Optical Shop, also inside SM. Currently, basic multicoated lenses are at just P800 (around $19.50). I expected to shell out more than a thousand pesos, so that was a surprise. Also, I was surprised to find out that only my right eye’s grade increased: it went from 2.25 to 2.50. Now my eye grade is balanced at 2.50-2.50. What a huge difference, though; things became even clearer than before. With my old glasses, I couldn’t read small text half a foot away. With the new ones, the text is crystal clear.

So there–I only spent P960 on new glasses! I used to spend more than P2000 because the frames offered by eyeglasses shops are expensive. Glad to have found more affordable alternatives in the department store.

If you’re in the Philippines and you don’t want to spend so much on glasses (especially if you’ll just have to replace them every two years like I do and your taste in frames always changes like mine), I recommend looking for frames from the department store. i2i, a sunglasses shop, offers cute black wayfarer frames for only P200 something, so you could also check them out. I also recommend The Optical Shop for basic multicoated lenses. You can find them in SM malls, which are everywhere. Some people say glasses are inexpensive at Quiapo, so if you live near the place, I suggest you check it out too.

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any of the abovementioned shops.



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