Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow

I have a lot of eyeshadows thanks to the ELF Little Black Beauty Book (Cool), but I’m missing a crucial color: dark brown. I was therefore thankful to find Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow in Totally Neutral, which has what I was looking for.
It’s a trio of coordinating eyeshadows housed in a sturdy peach-brown plastic packaging. It’s contained in an unsealed reflective gold cardboard box, which I simply can’t throw away because it’s too pretty. It comes with a decent-sized mirror and a double-ended eyeshadow sponge, which I suppose could be used for touch-ups if you don’t want to bring your brushes with you. This trio costs P168 (a little over $4).
The design is rather pretty. The two colors on the sides are embossed with ripples while the middle color is embossed with the brand name.
All the shades are shimmery, which I love. I didn’t experience fallout or chalkiness when I used my Fashion 21 eyeshadow brushes. Here are arm swatches:
All of them are smooth and silky, but there’s a vast difference in pigmentation. The highlight/base color (middle, pinkish silvery white) shows up subtly on the eyelids. Used alone, it brightens the eyes. The lid color (right, pinkish brown) barely shows up; you really need to be patient with application before you see a hint of it on your eyes. The winner here is the crease color (left, dark chocolate brown). It’s the reason I bought this trio. It’s a true brown with no red undertones. It’s the most pigmented and lasting shade of the three, and it’s also the silkiest and easiest to blend.

Used together (pinkish silvery white on the inner corners, pinkish brown as a transition color, and dark chocolate brown on the outer v and crease), the colors lean more toward mauve than neutral. This is probably due to the pinkish tint of the highlight/base color. Still pretty, though I’d use the dark brown with white and gold for a truly neutral look.

Now, let’s summarize:


The Good

  • Affordable
  • Housed in sturdy packaging
  • Coordinating colors
  • Silky and easy to blend
  • Dark chocolate brown color is pigmented
  • Pinkish silvery white color brightens the eyes

The Bad

  • Not pigmented enough

In general, I have a good experience with Nichido eyeshadows. I’ve tried several of them (though I’ve only reviewed two on this blog), and I find all of them easy to apply. The pigmentation is all right for me; as a beginner in eye makeup and a non-professional (meaning I don’t apply makeup for photographs), I like my eyeshadows on the subtle side. Anyhow, both my ELF and Nichido eyeshadows show up well in person, so I’m satisfied with that.


4 comments on “Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow

  1. micheatsandshops says:

    Same problem with the Nichido palette I bought – not enough pigmentation. The packaging’s very pretty though 😉

  2. I’ve been always eyeing this at their stalls. It’s just soooo cute and compact! But I never had enough reason to buy it other than the aforementioned things. BUT BUT BUT I really want it!


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