La Perla Kabuki Brush

I’ve been looking for a big, fluffy powder brush because my Marionnaud retractable powder brush is good for touchups but not for setting my foundation or BB cream. I needed something that I can use to apply powder on my entire face and décolletage in half the time. I found this brush in Landmark, a department store famous among beauty bloggers here in the Philippines for carrying affordable but generally good quality makeup brushes. It’s from a brand named La Perla. The box doesn’t say what kind of brush it is, but it looks like a kabuki brush, so I’ll call it that.

It costs P99 (a little under $2.50). There was another, less dense kabuki brush that sold for P139, but I figured that the denser, the better, so I settled for this. This is how La Perla kabuki brush looks like in all its fanned-out glory:
Impressive! Now, this is how big it is in my hands:
Just the right size. Finally, look at how dense it is:
I can apply powder in a jiffy with this brush. Swirling it around the pan will only get powder on the center, so to maximize its size, I roll it around the pan to get powder all over it. This would be easier to use with loose powder; just tap some product out and swirl to your heart’s desire.

Considering how dense and fluffy it is, it would’ve been perfect if not for a number of major flaws. First and foremost, it’s scratchy. It’s not so scratchy as to make my face itch, but you can definitely feel the roughness. Second, it smells bad. I washed it with laundry detergent and the odor is still present. It’ll take a lot of washing to get all the smell off. Finally, it sheds and bleeds like crazy. I always find stray hairs on my face after applying powder. After washing, it sheds even more. Maybe it’s so dense that not all the hairs can be fixed in place.

Now, let us summarize:


The Good

  • Affordable at P99
  • Big and fluffy
  • Dense

The Bad

  • Scratchy
  • Has a bad odor that can’t be easily washed off
  • Sheds and bleeds like crazy

Ah, I should’ve gotten the other kabuki brush instead. It was softer, too. Good thing I got this La Perla kabuki brush for free, so my regrets are halved. Well, I’m still gonna use it. It’ll be fun to see how long it lasts before it goes bald. Of course I wouldn’t repurchase!



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