Nichido True Colors Collection Eyeshadow in Seashell

I wanted a white eyeshadow because the one in the ELF Little Black Beauty Book is practically useless; it’s full of chunky glitter and is hard to blend. White eyeshadow has many uses–as a brow bone highlighter, inner corner highlighter, base for various eyeshadow looks, eye brightener, even as a nose and cheekbone highlighter if it’s pigmented enough. So I went to a Nichido counter and got a single eyeshadow pot in a shimmery white color called Seashell. It costs P68 (a little over $1.50). Fashion 21 has something similar for P65, but I don’t know…the name Seashell attracted me to Nichido’s eyeshadow. Fashion 21’s single eyeshadows only have numbers for names.

I hope you can see the ingredients in the photo:
It’s pretty pigmented (in person) when swiped on the arm:
Not so much on the eyes, however. It appears quite sheer, although it brightens the eyes. You have to apply more than three layers if you want the color to pop. It’s not creamy, but it isn’t chalky either. I did not experience fallout.

Nichido has a matte white eyeshadow called Snow and it barely showed up on my arm. I bet it wouldn’t show up at all on my eyes. What is it with matte shadows? I haven’t found one with decent pigmentation. Perhaps only higher-end brands offer pigmented matte eyeshadows. Maybe I should just use chalk on my eyes–now that has amazing pigmentation!

Now, let’s summarize:


The Good

  • Affordable at P68
  • Brightens the eyes
  • Not chalky
  • No fallout

The Bad

  • Low pigmentation

Would I repurchase? Hmm, I don’t know. I want something with better color payoff. Maybe I should try Shawill’s eyeshadows. I swatched a small five-piece eyeshadow palette of theirs once, the one with gold packaging, and the black shade was saturated with color, so it’s reasonable to expect the other shades are pigmented too. It costs P400, though. However, it contained white, black, brown, and two transition colors, so you’re sure to make use of everything, seeing as neutral and smokey eye looks never go out of style. I liked the purples, pinks, golds, and greens in the ELF palette (which also costs P400) though, so that’s the one I got. Perhaps I’d get that versatile Shawill palette when I’m done with my ELF palette.



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