Fruits & Passion Pomelo Granite Hand Cream

Another one of the prizes I received from the Peachy Pink Sisters’ giveaway was this hand lotion from Fruits & Passion. I think it’s supposed to be pomelo-granate, not pomelo-granite.

This is the list of ingredients:
I love the fact that this hand cream does not contain mineral oil or silicones, which are not beneficial to the skin.

Being a hand cream, its net weight is only 40 grams. It comes in a convenient tube that you can lug around in your purse.

Upon application, there’s a weird scent I cannot put a finger on combined with the scent of fruits. Once, after I had just applied the lotion, I came near my sister and she exclaimed, “It stinks!” Well, it doesn’t stink the way dump sites stink. I don’t even find it unpleasant. In any case, that weird scent goes away quickly, leaving just the fruity scent behind.

It’s thin enough to be absorbed quickly without leaving your skin sticky. It does a great job at moisturizing my hands, which I found amazing. Being a person with perpetually dry hands, many moisturizers don’t work on me, but this (and virgin coconut oil) does! Of course, as lotions only work on the top layers of the skin, they are not a permanent solution for dry hands. Hydrate from the inside (i.e., drink water) too and pinpoint the causes of your hands’ dryness–could it be due to washing dishes or doing laundry? If so, use gloves. In my case, my hands are not as supple as they used to be. Years of using steroid ointments to combat eczema have thinned my skin, so I have just accepted dry hands as something I have to live with.

Now, let us summarize:


The Good

  • Small, convenient packaging that you can carry anywhere
  • Does a great job at moisturizing

The Bad

  • Weird scent
  • Not a permanent solution for dry hands

I’d recommend this, but I don’t know where it can be bought here in the Philippines. I don’t know the price as well. But if you come across this and the price is reasonable, go get it! Much better than those rich lotions full of mineral oil, silicone, and petrolatum.



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