San San Hortaleza, M.D. BB Cream

I just recently realized that my San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation in #2 isn’t an exact match for my skin tone; it has a beige undertone that looks a bit off on my warm skin. Perhaps I’d get a better match if I mix it with #3, but meh, that’s just so impractical. Out of foundation, I turned to an online shop to try Revlon ColorStay for oily/combination skin, but stocks won’t arrive till the middle of December. So while waiting for that, I decided to check out San San’s new product: a BB cream.

Its volume is 30mL, same as the Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, and it costs just a bit more at P149.75 (a little over $3.50). It comes in a pretty sky blue matte plastic tube with a pump and a transparent cap.

These are the ingredients: contains anti-aging ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, and sunscreen. It’s great that it has an SPF of 43, but as you very well know, you need to apply a certain amount of a product to fully utilize its SPF. Some say 1/2 teaspoon is adequate for the face and neck. I use this alone when I’m just at home, but I apply sunscreen beforehand if I’m planning to go outside. White cast in flash photography doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to avoid premature wrinkles!, the focus is wrong. But you can see from the photo above that this BB cream comes in an NC35-40ish shade with yellow undertones. Being a BB cream, it will adjust to relatively wider range of skin tones, unlike some Korean BB creams that are simply too light for Filipino skin. It blends into my skin as well as that of my sister, who is about two shades darker than me. However, it does look too dark on my NC30 skin if I use too much, although it can be corrected with powder.

Coverage is sheer to medium. It doesn’t cake up easily, unless of course you apply more than five layers. It evens out my skin tone, makes my face look smoother, and conceals undereye darkness while still looking natural. It can’t completely hide blemishes on its own, but it does lighten their appearance.

Oil control is so-so on my oily skin, but I found that when I used Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake as setting powder, my skin stays oil-free longer.

It stays intact with powder the whole day, although it’s not transfer-proof. Once, I saw faint traces of it on the white collar of a blouse I wore. I have worn it under different circumstances and found that it lasts at least twelve hours whether I’m just at home or walking in the sun. There’s a bit of fading by the end of the day, though.

Now, let us summarize:


The Good

  • SPF 43!
  • Affordable
  • Shade will fit many Filipino skin tones, particularly darker ones
  • Looks natural
  • Buildable; not cakey

The Bad

  • Oil control is so-so
  • Not transfer-proof

I recommend this to everyone, especially my fellow Filipinos. It’s not too pale, it’s very affordable, and it gives your face a natural, fresh look. For those with oily skin, though, this is best paired with a powder foundation applied with a powder brush. It’s easy to see why BB creams are popular–they are timesavers, being moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen in one.

7 comments on “San San Hortaleza, M.D. BB Cream

  1. skinnychiq says:

    The San San BB cream seems to be out of stock everywhere. I wanna try it pa naman because of good reviews about it especially the concealing or coverage part plus the fact that is is affordable. It seems they don’t have plans of putting out stocks of that BB cream. What do you think? What was offered to me is San San Soleil Matte Foundation for 140Php. Do you have any other recommendations for affordable but good BB creams?

    • Aviva says:

      Maybe they’ve phased it out or they’re planning to offer it some other time like they do the Soleil line. Try their HD foundation (the one in a glass bottle with a purple cap). The texture is highly similar to the BB cream.

  2. Aviva says:

    Update! This costs P190 now and comes in two shades (beige [dark] and natural [light]). There’s also a new variant in a white tube, which has the same ingredients as the sky blue one, but has SPF 45.

    • cris estacio says:

      Last year I bought this San San BB Cream. But to my dismay I’m not sure why it is too runny. Hndi ko ngamit… Then just this year I tried to check it ggmitin ko sna… Pero ngtubig lng siya… So I ended up throwing it. Kasi mukang hndi ko na mggmit.. I will nver but this again.. Natuwa p man din ako na ngkron sila neto ult… It is priced at 189pesos p ata.

      • Aviva says:

        That’s weird, I just repurchased it today and it still has the same consistency – a bit thick but blendable. Maybe you got two bad apples?


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