Human Nature Balancing Face Toner

I bought a bottle of Human Nature Balancing Face Toner last month. Now I’m down to the last drop and ready to make a review.

Human Nature Balancing Face TonerThis toner is a great, natural, and gentle alternative to cheap commercial toners that are often nothing more than alcohol and perfume. It starts off smelling like fresh oranges. As you rub it on your face, you’ll catch a whiff of elemi. If you’re from Bicol, you’re probably familiar with the scent of ripe pili fruit, and that’s what elemi is–it’s from the pili family.

Unfortunately, it did nothing special for my skin. It neither prevented acne formation nor lessened my skin’s oiliness. It’s also quite expensive for me at P99.75 (a little above $2) for a bottle that’ll only last a month, so I’m not repurchasing.

However, I’m definitely not going back to commercial toners. I’m trying out something now, something all natural but far cheaper. A P79.75 (a little under $2) bottle of it can last me a year! I’ll tell you all about it in time.


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