Dish After Dish at Jozu Kin

For my dad’s birthday last Sunday, we went to a lot of different places around the metro and stuffed ourselves with food. But what stood out most of all was the food at Jozu Kin, a Japanese restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.

Jozu KinI think this is the first time we ate a full meal without rice and my parents didn’t complain. Most people’s idea of a decent meal here in the Philippines is one with lots of rice, you see. Here’s all the food we stuffed ourselves with!

Tuna sashimi

Tuna sashimi

Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi

Beef sukiyaki roll

Beef sukiyaki roll

Garden roll

Garden roll: all veggies. I didn’t think I would like this much, but I did!

Kani salad

Kani salad: all creamy and tasty. And I ate it with chopsticks! I usually can’t.

Salmon and parmesan pasta

Salmon and parmesan pasta: also very creamy! Who eats pasta with a spoon? Well, anyway, the spoon came in handy.

Ebi tempura

Ebi tempura: the bestseller, according to our waitress. It was the most unremarkable dish for me, though. But the tiger prawns inside were fat and juicy!

Gyu chiisu aspara roll

Gyu chiisu aspara roll: beef-cheese-asparagus roll. I could barely taste the asparagus, but oh! the beef was juicy!

Bacon and cheese roll

Bacon and cheese roll: the bacon was fat and juicy, but it was also too salty. This is best paired with a bowl of rice to tone down the saltiness.

Mango ice cream and taro

Mango ice cream and taro

It’s funny because at first we couldn’t find anything to order. We ended up loving the food, though. Our total bill came to around P2700 (about $65), which is maybe a tad expensive. But the experience is worth it! Great food, cozy intimate interiors done in brown, comfortable couches–I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for special occasions.


2 comments on “Dish After Dish at Jozu Kin

  1. amiciarai says:

    Oh dear I can’t control the drool… ಥ‿ಥ I wanna eat that sooooo bad!
    It all looks absolutely delicious! You must have had a great time!


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