EOTD: Tropical Punch

I barely have any eyeshadows because I believe eyeshadow application would only prolong an already lengthy makeup routine. However, it’s nice to play with colors once in a while, and here’s a look I came up with today, which I call Tropical Punch.

Tropical Punch

Again, the camera washed out the colors. This look is a tad brighter in person. The colors gave my eyes a pop of color without being overwhelming. I think it would go well with a hint of pink blush and nude lips. I must go out in this look sometime!

I didn’t use eyeshadows for this; instead I used a couple of my blushes:

Products used

The pink went on my lids while the bronze went on my crease and outer v. It turned out orangey on my skin instead of brown.

I used a cream-colored cream eyeshadow as base, but I don’t know if it made any difference. Haha! I’m thinking of purchasing an eyeshadow primer. Oh, and I didn’t use any brushes either; careful blending with the fingertips did the job.



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