LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Here’s another LA Girl product! This time, it’s a concealer. It’s in the shade Pure Beige and it was recommended by the saleslady for my mother who’s 2-3 shades darker than me, but surprisingly, it blends well into my NC30-ish skin too.

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

This is about a shade darker in person. It costs about P250 (about $6) if I remember correctly and can only be purchased from LA Girl counters. What makes it special is its brush tip:

Brush tipIt won’t dispense product until you squeeze the tube, and each squeeze spurts out just a bit of concealer. You can take your time blending the product with this brush; just squeeze out more when needed. I, however, prefer using my fingers.

It’s good for undereye circles because of its liquid, easily blendable consistency; your undereye skin won’t experience much tugging and pulling. It can be used for blemishes, but as it’s not creamy and opaque enough, it can only lighten, not completely cover, dark or inflamed spots. With that being said, it does not live up to its HD claim. The good thing, however, is that it’s not cakey, so you can build up several layers of product on your skin.

I will not purchase this simply because I like my San San concealer better. It’s cheaper too! I just need a darker shade for my blemishes.



2 comments on “LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

  1. Hi, i have this concealer and I think I like it better than my sansan. The latter doesnt blend easily, and its cakey. Help.

    • Aviva says:

      I like the SanSan concealer better as it can cover up blemishes and undereye circles better. Which one do you have, the one in the tube or the one in a pan? Use just a little concealer at a time; just layer one more product if you want more coverage. Use your fingers or a brush to pat on the concealer on the target area. Don’t rub it; just pat it on until it blends with your skin.


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