Artificial and Natural Lip Balms

I previously mentioned that I’d like to purchase a tube of Myra E vanilla lip balm because I absolutely love vanilla. But upon inspection of its ingredients list, I was horrified at all the artificial stuff it contained.

It contains paraffin, for goodness’ sake. Paraffin, like mineral oil and petrolatum, are derived from crude oil. There are no strict standards regarding the use of petrochemicals in cosmetics here in the Philippines, so there’s a chance these chemicals are contaminated. Lots of women use such lip balms without knowing what they’re ingesting–the horror! Besides, these petrochemicals actually dry out the lips over time because besides being recognized as a foreign substance by the body (thus not being absorbed), they form a barrier over the skin that prevents moisture absorption. This explains why a lot of women say they can’t live without their lip balm. Without their petrochemical-filled balms, their lips dry up like prunes. It’s a vicious cycle–the more they use those artificial balms, the more they need them.

I’m really happy I discovered Human Nature lip balms. I’ve been using them for a while now. My lips are smoother and softer and they rarely chap. A big plus is that Human Nature lip balms are lightweight and non-greasy.

Human Nature tinted lip balm

Instead of Myra E vanilla lip balm, I’ll purchase Human Nature Choco Fudge lip balm instead so I can have something clear to put on my lips before applying lipstick. It doesn’t really smell like chocolate, but it smells like something delicious and sweet!

Not a sponsored post. I just really love Human Nature!

3 comments on “Artificial and Natural Lip Balms

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  2. Iris says:

    Can I also purchase them online? It’s difficult to find Human Nature in my area. Does Watson’s have it? Thanks in advance.


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