Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring

There are so many great reviews about this product that I just had to get a jar for myself. I’m tired of buying waxing strips that do nothing at all!

Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring

I got my 100g jar from a dealer for P150 ($3.54). This costs less on their website, but if you factor in the delivery fee the price is about the same. Each sugaring jar comes in a paper bag with strips of cloth and a wooden spatula. The product does not need any heating, so once you have the kit, you’re good to go!

Strip It! looks and smells like very thick caramelized sugar, but I won’t dare taste it because I know it contains more than that. The smell makes sugaring very enjoyable, though; your skin ends up smelling sweet as candy.

I attempted a Brazilian with this product and it does work well. I just applied the sugaring gel in the direction of the hair growth, spreading it neither thickly nor thinly, then pressed a strip of cloth and rubbed it on for a few seconds, and finally stripped it off rapidly and with a little force in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Tadah! Smooth, hairless skin. It was painful, though, and difficult, so I stopped midway and decided to have it done by a professional instead for a smoother, neater finish.

Next, I tried it on my underarms. Like they said, previously shaved hair is resistant to waxing. I let the hairs grow long enough but I still had a difficult time removing them; I had to sugar my pits over and over, and I had to tweeze really stubborn hairs that just won’t come off. My pits were really smooth afterwards, though, so the annoyance was worth it. I expect an easier sugaring session next time.

What makes sugaring superior to waxing are the reduction of pain (because the sugar clings to the hair but not to the skin) and the ease of cleanup. All you need is water to dissolve the remnants of the sugar gel. This also means that the spatula and the cloth strips are reusable! Just wash off the sugar and let them dry.

I’d definitely repurchase this. It’s more affordable than a professional waxing session and it’s easy enough to do especially if you only intend to wax a small area (the underarms) like I do. A lot of women use Strip It! on their legs, too. Buy the 350g jar for that. As for me, I’d like to have my legs done by a professional because I’m too lazy to wax two entire legs.



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