St. Ives Fresh Skin Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser

This cleanser has been sitting among my bath stuff for so long that I’ve decided to rid of it once and for all. But first, a review is in order.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Makeup Remover and Facial CleanserPerhaps you can see from the photo that I almost used up this product. Well, I had it a time when I kept using a product even if it did not work out for me because I did not want to waste the money I spent on it.

It’s fragrance-free, so that’s probably why it smells unpleasant. The smell isn’t terrible, though, and it does not linger, so you’ll get used to it. This is labelled as both a makeup remover and a cleanser, so I suppose you can use it two ways: one, as some sort of cold cream to wipe away makeup, and two, with water to wash your face.

This is its selling point, the reason I was attracted to it:

Claim“This cleanser effortlessly removes even the heaviest makeup while cleaning the skin.” This is utter bull. I tried using it both ways, and for the life of me, it couldn’t remove makeup at all. Even regular soap is better at that. After using this, my face always felt unclean and my toner-soaked cotton ball always turned out dirty after using it to wipe my face.

The worst part is that this contains petrolatum, so by using this, you’re actually clogging your pores. Ugh. What a terrible, terrible cleanser. It’s an absolute waste of money.


2 comments on “St. Ives Fresh Skin Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser

  1. I agree!! I bought this ages ago when I was still in university because of the label too. When I tried it, it was so rubbish at at removing makeup. I felt like it didn’t clean anything at all. Agree with you, it’s a stupid product. Such a waste of money! Ugh!

  2. Aviva says:

    You can see good reviews of this product at the St. Ives website. Hmm…haha! All other reviewers agree that it does not remove makeup at all.


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