Careline Oil Control Blush

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my first blushes were from Careline. They’re affordable at P80 ($1.92) each, so they fit my student budget perfectly.

Careline blush
I revisited a Careline stall recently and as a result, I currently have two blushes in my stash: Fresh Tomato and Starlight Shine. They’re very different in terms of color and finish, as you can see below:

In the pan

L-R: Fresh Tomato, Starlight Shine

Fresh Tomato is a matte, red-orange shade, while Starlight Shine is a shimmery reddish bronze. I actually intended to get Ever Bilena blush in Cheek, but when I swatched Starlight Shine and saw that they were exactly the same (at least under the department store lights), of course I went for Starlight Shine, which is more affordable.

This is how they look on my skin:

Arm swatches

L-R: Fresh Tomato, Starlight Shine

Fresh Tomato looks wild in the pan, but it’s actually a tame coral shade. Blended properly, it gives the face a pretty, flushed, I-just-went-jogging look. Starlight Shine looks too shimmery, but the shimmers are barely visible when you blend on the color on your cheeks. On my fair-medium skin, the shimmers practically disappear; the blush just gives my cheeks a warm pinkish-brown flush. On my mom’s darker skin, the shimmers impart a nice glow, highlighting her cheekbones.

I’m used to sheer blushes, so I consider these pigmented. I tried swirling my brush around the pan like I do with my other blushes and I ended up looking like a clown. With my Careline blushes, I just dab my brush lightly on the pan then blend the color on my skin. I repeat this until I get my desired color intensity. It’s far easier to build color on the cheeks than to tone it down because you applied too much.

Unfortunately, these don’t stay long especially on oily skin like mine. I’d give them a couple of hours before they disappear completely. I don’t mind it much, though, because I like reapplying.

Be careful not to drop these; otherwise, the blush will shatter completely. Well, be careful with your makeup in general; no matter how affordable something is, you still spent money on it, and money must not be wasted.

These blushes are perfect as everyday makeup. They come in seven shades, which you can see in their product catalog, that would suit every skin tone from fair to dark. I’m considering getting Rosy Cheek, which is a warm pink shade, next time. With Careline blushes, you can own several different colors without breaking the bank.


2 comments on “Careline Oil Control Blush

  1. Leia Kristin says:

    Nice to meet someone who has the same philosophy as me. Why spend that much money on something expensive when you can have the same products at a lower cost without sacrificing its quality and purpose 😉

  2. Aviva says:

    Correct. I’ve always believed that many who buy ridiculously expensive cosmetics (when there are affordable ones available) are only doing so for show.


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