Nichido Girls’ Night Out Gorgeous Eye Pencil

These eyeliners are quite popular because they’re inexpensive, easily available locally, come in a variety of colors, and are of good quality. Let’s take a look at Nichido Girls’ Night Out Gorgeous Eye Pencils, which I have three of.

Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil
These pencils come in more than six shades, most of which are shimmery. They retail for P80 ($1.91)each. These are the three I have in my possession:


Top to bottom: Cool Blue, Deep Plum, Nice Gal

This is how they look on my skin:

Arm swatches

L-R: Cool Blue, Deep Plum, Nice Gal

Cool Blue is silvery-blue, Deep Plum is bright purple, while Nice Gal is silvery-white. I use Cool Blue to subtly highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes, but it’s so subtle that it barely shows up. Nice Gal shows up better. Sometimes, when I feel like doing a colorful eye, I line my upper lids with Deep Plum and smudge the line with my finger because the rubber smudger at the other end of these pencils take off the color instead of smudging it. I always get compliments when I do so; it seems purple liner goes well with my eye color.

These pencils are a bit creamy, especially Deep Plum,  but they’re not creamy enough for the waterline. I tried this and I just got tickled; no color showed up at all. They’re best for lining the upper and lower lash lines.

They’re neither smudge-proof nor waterproof. However, despite the oiliness of my lids, the color stays on all day with minimal fading. These pencils don’t give me raccoon eyes either. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, of course the color will fade if you rub your eyes, and you mustn’t rub your eyes in the first place.

I recommend this to everyone. The shimmery neutrals are perfect for highlighting the eyes, while the colored ones make a great substitute for eyeshadow. I think I’ll get either the turquoise or the green shade next time.


2 comments on “Nichido Girls’ Night Out Gorgeous Eye Pencil

  1. i love your posts as much as i love these nichido eye pencils! which i have in almost all colors:) sorry for the loads of comments but i really like your posts especially on affordable makeup;)


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