LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish

I wrote a post containing my first impressions of this nail polish about a month ago, July 7 to be exact. That was the same day I painted my toenails with it. So how did LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish fare?

LA Colors Color Crazy Nail Polish

Magnetic Force, which is this the shade name of this particular polish, is pinkish-coral in the bottle. On the nails, though, it looks exactly as you see it in the photo: a bright, sunny orange with subtle gold shimmer. As I mentioned in my first impressions post, it is easily spreadable and non-streaky, possessing a consistency between watery and thick. It’s opaque so one coat will do, but I painted on two coats for a more intense color. It dries pretty quickly (20-30 minutes) and is not prone to bubbling.

Would you believe that when I took off the polish two days ago, it still hadn’t chipped? Not to mention it was as vibrant as it was on the day I painted it on. That means it stayed on my toenails for nearly a month without chipping! Amazing! Mind you, I didn’t use any special top coat, just your basic clear polish. I only had to take it off because of the growth at the bottom and because, of course, my toenails were growing longer.

An added plus is that this particular shade didn’t stain my nails any. Again, I only used a basic clear polish as base coat. This shade isn’t dark, but it’s not sheer either, so I expected some staining…but there was none.

So yes, I would definitely repurchase! P89 ($2.13) for such a great polish? What a great deal! It doesn’t hurt that they have a wide range of shades too! I usually go for pinks and reds, but their shade selection inspires me to be more adventurous in my choice of colors.



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