Haul: Department Store, Aksesoriz, Booksale, Flea Market

Went shopping two days ago despite the horrible weather to pick up some essentials and stuff.

August 3 haul
I got three new books for only P182 ($4.36)! Booksale really is bargain heaven for bookworms like me. I picked up a Kate Chopin anthology, a John Saul novel, and my greatest find: a novel from my favorite author, Ken Follett. I’d pick up anything of his; he’s such a great writer that he can make anything interesting!

I also got a new toothbrush and a tube of St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control scrub. I still get the odd pimple, so a scrub with salicylic acid would be great for my skin.

I went to Aksesoriz, a trinket and hair tools store, to pick up some basic black elastics. It seems that no matter how much of these I buy, they always get lost! Besides this, I got myself a hot pink headband and a pair of stainless steel stud earrings in the shape of heart-shaped padlocks. Gotta love these stainless steel earrings–they don’t tarnish, they’re non-irritating, and they’re easy to clean.

I bought a new white eyeliner from Nichido’s Girls Night Out line. I’ll be doing a review on them soon! As for the blush, well, I originally intended to get Ever Bilena’s blush in Cheek, but when I swatched Careline’s blush in Starlight Shine, I realized they’re just the same. Of course I went for Careline; it’s more affordable!

Finally, I purchased a new dress! I simply love dresses because they’re so easy to wear; they make me feel more feminine, too. I got this loose-fitting red and white dress from the flea market. Didn’t even need to haggle; the saleslady herself slashed a few pesos off the price. I had to sew on new black buttons to replace the tacky, glued-on ones that originally came with the dress, but that’s all the “repair” I had to do. It’s too light for the current weather, but it’s a pretty dress nonetheless.



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