Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

This mascara is one of the prizes I received for being the July commenter of the month at Project Vanity. I actually won as commenter of the month in two beauty blogs last month! How amazing is that? I’ll be posting pictures of my prizes soon. In the meantime, I’ll be reviewing this mascara, which, when brand new, looks like this:

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara
As you can see, it has quite an unusual head full of bristles like the rest of the brush. I’ve read that the brush was designed this way so that the tiniest lashes can be coated with mascara, but I don’t know, it’s nothing special. I even poke my eyes with the brush sometimes because the bristles are sharp and pointy, unlike those of many mascaras.

I was surprised at how black this mascara was; it’s as deep as ink. This mascara is in shade 2 (black) so shade 1 (blackest black) must really be dark. It looked unnatural at first, but I realized its darkness made my lashes look thicker.

This is how my lashes look without any mascara. They’re not pointing downwards, but they’re so short they look almost nonexistent in photos. I’m sorry for the redness; my eyes are prone to irritation early in the morning.

Without mascara

And this is how they look with one coat of Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara:

With mascaraSee how black and thick the base looks? The mascara added quite a bit of length too. I finally have lashes! Haha!

And this is how my eyes look with two coats of mascara followed by generous brushing with a spoolie:

Two coatsHow pretty! No eyeliner in this photo. I didn’t even curl my lashes beforehand. It’s just pure mascara.

What I love about Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara is that its rich pigment defines my lashes, making them pop in photos instead of fading into the background. Even without the use of an eyelash curler, it makes my lashes curl upward. It adds a bit of volume and length too.

The formula is wet, so you should keep from blinking for a few seconds after application to avoid transfer. Despite its consistency, however, this is prone to clumping. Two coats left my lashes stiff and thick in all the wrong places so like I mentioned, I had to comb them generously with a spoolie. Some length and volume were sacrificed in the process, but the result was gorgeous, natural-looking lashes. No spider-leg lashes here.

It’s not waterproof, but it works just fine; doesn’t smudge or flake. And it’s easy to remove with coconut oil. I’ve read that it’s easy to remove with just soap and water too. As they say, this is always a good thing when it comes to mascaras because easy removal means you won’t have to rub your delicate eye area too hard and too long.

So would I purchase a tube when I run out of this? As much as I like it, no. Revlon, which is a US drugstore brand, is terribly overpriced in the Philippines. The markup is just outrageous. This mascara probably costs P600+ (more than $14) here. I simply won’t shell out that much money for an average mascara. My LA Colors mascara works just fine, not prone to clumping, and is cheaper too, though it’s harder to remove. Besides, I’m planning to check out Maybelline mascaras. People say they have great mascaras, which is the way it should be because the founder of the brand was one of the first people who developed mascara as we know it today. Maybelline mascaras are on the affordable side too, with prices ranging around P300 (around $7).

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