A Bonné Spa Milk Salt (Two Variants)

I have been using A Bonné Spa Milk Salt, the regular variant, for about five years now. In fact, I still have the same bottle I bought back then; I’ve only been buying refills for the past years. I acquired this product after having my eyes opened to the importance of regular exfoliation and after reading good reviews about it from GIRLTalk, a forum that provides a venue for the discussion of the merits of various skin care products, among many other things.

A Bonné Spa Milk Salt
The original variant (the one on the right) promised whitening, smoothening, and slimming benefits. The slimming claim is silly; the only way to lose weight is through a delicate balance of proper diet and exercise. The product delivers on its smoothening claim; after all, it wouldn’t be a proper scrub if it didn’t smoothen the skin. As for whitening, well, the only way this would whiten your skin is if you’re so filthy that it takes a salt scrub to remove all the grime that has stuck to your skin.

I’m happy to say that this here’s a great scrub. It smells like milk candy, it exfoliates well because the particles are rather sharp, it doesn’t have adverse effects that stem from the ingredients, and it’s dirt cheap! Only P79 ($1.89) for a 380-gram bottle. Refills are cheaper, of course. Used twice a week, this bottle would last for more than three months.

Like I said, it doesn’t have any adverse effects on the skin, but that’s only if you use it properly. This is a body scrub, not a face scrub. I used this on my face once and despite how gentle I scrubbed, my face stung mightily. This must be used on wet skin; the water dissolves the salt, preventing it from being as abrasive as it would be on dry skin. You mustn’t scrub as if you were mad at your skin; scrub gently and your skin would reward you for it. The product mustn’t be used over cuts and wounds; you wouldn’t pour salt on your wounds, would you? Sure it can be antibacterial, but it stings like hell too. Finally, you must exfoliate only twice to thrice a week unless you want raw and sensitized skin; your body can shed dead skin cells on its own, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I don’t reach for this product as often as I should, preferring to use shower gels and loofahs instead for exfoliation, the reason being my hands are often ravaged by eczema and the salt would only sting and irritate the cuts.

The last time I used this, though, it had a funny smell, so I decided to get a new one a couple of days ago. I chose the variant with collagen. It’s more expensive at P85 ($2.03) and contains only 320 grams of product. This isn’t a big deal to me, though.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients. They both smell like milk candy, but the ingredients lists seem to be different.

Original variant

Sodium chloride, bentonite, dermawhite, kaolin, allantoin, milk protein, CMC, corn starch

Collagen variant

Sodium chloride, bentonite, mannitol, sodium gluconate, citric acid, sodium citrate, Waltheria indica leaf extract, dextrin and ferulic acid, kaolin, allantoin, hydrolysed milk protein, collagen powder, carboxymethylhydroxyethyl cellulose, corn starch

Wonder what the corn starch is for. Perhaps it’s a filler; the scrub would be more abrasive had it been all salt and no corn starch. Both variants contain clay, which draws out skin impurities, and whitening ingredients. They are generally similar, I surmise, the only major difference being that one contains collagen and the other does not.

I doubt the topical application of collagen would do anything. Collagen is a protein produced by the body, after all, not something that is absorbed by the superficial layers of the skin.

I therefore conclude that these two variants are the same. So why did I get the collagen variant? Nothing, I just wanted some change. Hee hee.

I recommend this product to everyone! Regular (not everyday) exfoliation will help smoothen your skin, help it get rid of dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs that shaving may cause, and prevent the accumulation of dirt deposits (libag). Choose whatever variant you want; this product is a great scrub and nothing else so it doesn’t really matter what you choose. Don’t expect it to do what it can’t (whitening, slimming, firming), and you will be satisfied with it.



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