Cat Eye

Ah, the cat eye. My second favorite eyeliner look, the first one being smudged black liner on the upper lash line. Done correctly, the cat eye makes your eyes more almond-shaped and makes the lashes on the outer corners look fuller.

Cat eye

As you can see from the photo, I only do a small cat eye on myself; extending the flick further than that makes me look silly. Bear in mind that while the cat eye generally makes everyone prettier, the length and angle of the flick is still highly individual.

Most people like to do the cat eye with a waterproof liquid or gel liner, but I just do mine with a pencil. It’s easier to control and the end result looks more subtle.

This look is best paired with loads of mascara and/or false lashes for really stunning eyes.

2 comments on “Cat Eye

  1. is that white eyeliner on your waterline? what did you use?:)

    • Aviva says:

      It’s actually baby pink, but it’s light enough to look white. It’s from Maybelline; their eyeliners are soft and creamy enough for the waterline. 🙂


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