New Watch

I can’t imagine how I could’ve gone for so long without a watch. It’s my favorite accessory because it is not only pretty but also practical. I find it so inconvenient to have to draw out my phone from the depths of my bag just to know what time it is, especially since my phone keeps on dying on me. So I finally bought a new watch yesterday.


I change watches every couple of years, which is about how long the watch’s battery lasts. Maybe I ought to keep my old watches and place them in some sort of collection, but I’m afraid I’ve thrown them out. What a waste. I hope somebody found them and put them to good use.

I prefer chain watches to leather watches because they look classier and go well with any outfit. Besides, leather straps get stinky after a while and give me a tan line on my wrist. Ugh. My only problem with chain straps is that they oxidize and therefore tarnish. Sometimes they even react with sweat and give me small rashes on my wrist.

This watch I bought is a silver-and-gold piece from Valentino. I generally stay away from silver-and-gold combinations because they look tacky, but this particular piece is subtle.

So there, I’m finally wearing a watch again after what, a year? Excellent.


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