Easy Online Shopping at Zalora

I always see Zalora ads on Facebook, so I decided to click on them one day. I was redirected to an online shopping site that I initially thought was nothing special…until I saw that not only did they offer free shipping nationwide, but also cash on delivery as a payment option! Well, now!


I’m not new to online shopping, but sometimes it can be a hassle because I have to go out and line up at the bank to deposit my payment. (I have discovered, however, that you can transfer money from your account to another person’s account via online banking.) A cash on delivery (COD) option is great because I don’t have to shell out money till I actually get my hands on what I ordered. Free delivery is, of course, even greater; whether you buy one item or ten, it’ll be delivered free. No minimum purchase necessary. Online shopping at Zalora is as close as it gets to actual shopping.

Besides these, you also get P500 off on your first purchase (for a minimum of P1,000) if you sign up for their newsletter, plus P250 off for a minimum purchase of P1,500 if you register at their site. It doesn’t get better than that!

I browsed through the makeup, dresses, and shoes section but nothing interested me, so I jumped to the lip care section and saw Bare Naturals lip butters selling for P148. They seemed good, made up of all-natural ingredients, so I looked them up and found this comprehensive review. I got attracted to the fact that they’re lip balm and lipstick hybrids, so I immediately ordered Sugar Lips, a reddish pink color. If I like it, I’ll order Best Pout Forward, which is red.

The ordering process was really quick; I checked out, received an invoice, received a voice call from a customer service representative within five minutes to confirm my order, and then received a confirmation email. They even had the thoughtfulness to ask what time I could receive the delivery. I was amazed at the fast and efficient service; it’s professional, as all businesses should be.

The site advertises same-day shipping. I even read an interview with the co-founder of Zalora Philippines that Metro Manila-based customers can receive their purchases in as little as three hours. However, the customer service representative told me that I’d be receiving my lip butter in 1-2 days, which is fine. I’m used to waiting that long for my online purchases, and I understand that it’s more fuel-efficient to collect orders from different customers and then deliver all of them in one go.

I’m quite excited for my lip butter. I hope it arrives later. As for you, visit Zalora now!


One comment on “Easy Online Shopping at Zalora

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