Haul: Fanny Serrano, Marionnaud, Careline, Wet ‘n’ Wild

Images of the famous Fanny Serrano (FS) powder foundation and the Marionnaud blush brush kept haunting me this past week, so I was glad to be finally  able to go to the mall last Friday. These are what I shopped for:

July 20 Haul

1. Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Duchess (P399/$9.53)

The moment I realized what a boon powder foundations would be for oily skin like mine, I started obsessing over this particular one, primarily because it has a lot of positive reviews from Filipino beauty bloggers. I’ll be reviewing this and another powder foundation in separate posts.

2. Marionnaud N32 blush brush (P169.75/$4.06)

Such an inexpensive and good blush brush. Possessing this made me realize just how crappy my previous blush brushes were. It’s my first time to experience applying blush with a dense and soft but firm brush. The angled cut also facilitates the application and blending of color on the apples to the cheekbones. It didn’t bleed when I first washed it and it doesn’t smell of anything, just the shampoo I used to wash it.

3. Marionnaud N38 angled eyeliner/spoolie brush (P69.75/$1.67)

I learned from makeup artist Ana Victorino’s YouTube tutorials that you could fill in your brows with pencil and then use a slanted eyeliner/eyebrow brush such as this to shape them. The bonus spoolie, which looks flimsy, could be used to blend or soften brow color. I haven’t tried using this to apply eyeliner as I have neither gel liner nor black eyeshadow, but it seems firm enough to line the eyes yet soft enough to fill in the brows.

An advice on Marionnaud brush packaging: reuse them as resealable pouches instead of throwing them away. Just remove the cardboard and voila, you now have plastic pouches in different sizes. A friend used my blush brush pouch to store her toothbrush and toothpaste for traveling.

4. Careline Oil Control Blush in Fresh Tomato (P80/$1.91)

My first blushes were from this line, so it’s kinda weird that I only remembered this now. I had Touch of Pink (a chalky, barely-there matte pink) and Starlight Shine (pretty, shimmery bronze) years ago, and now I get to try Fresh Tomato, a matte orangey red. I’ve been looking for a matte red blush for some time now, and I finally remembered Careline had such a shade. Blushes from this line are small and affordable, which is just perfect–I can see myself hitting pan on Fresh Tomato a couple of years from now.

Careline Fresh Tomato

Comes with a tiny applicator sponge that I threw away because it’s easier to apply blush with a brush.

This is how it looks on my arm:

Fresh Tomato arm swatch

As you can see, it’s not that pigmented. However, because it is such a strong color, you can still overdo it, so apply sparingly.

5. Wet ‘n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in 502A Dark Pink Rose (P115/$2.75)

I’ve found an alternative to NYC Violet Shine. Take note, alternative, not dupe. See the swatches below:

Dark Pink Rose and Violet Shine arm swatches

L-R: Dark Pink Rose, Violet Shine

Wet ‘n’ Wild is more mauve than pink, so its shade name is totally a misnomer. Both WW and NYC are frosted, but WW has golden shimmer that is so easily overdone. Applied with a light hand, this is how it looks:

Dark Pink Rose on lips

Like NYC, it gives my lips a sheer wash of pink. My favorite look in college was NYC Violet Shine paired with pink blush. The combination gave my face enough color and life without looking all made up. Now, with my new WW lipstick, I can recreate that look.

By the way, this is another one of those lipsticks whose bullets protrude from their tubes. The good thing is that it applies smoothly, but hmm, that’s probably because it’s sheer. I believe tests of a lipstick’s ease and smoothness of application must be done on darker, richer hues.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I won’t be buying blush and lipstick again. Er. Looks like I have to stop making such statements!

6 comments on “Haul: Fanny Serrano, Marionnaud, Careline, Wet ‘n’ Wild

  1. […] I mentioned in my previous post, I bought my own powder foundation, Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake. Watch out for a review on that, as […]

  2. […] it doesn’t have a true red shade too. Well, the good thing is this would go well with my Careline Fresh Tomato blush, or it could serve as a base for my favorite pinkish coral Aido […]

  3. Is the wet n wild lipstick really P115 only?oh my..think i bought mine for more than P200 at watsons oh no… want to try that careline blush..hope they have a more wearable flushed look shade.:)


    • Aviva says:

      Yes, the Silk Finish line costs P115 at SM Department Store. Maybe the one you bought was from the Megalast line–they’re P299 at Watsons. You might wanna check out nyxwholesaleph.com; Wet n Wild lipsticks are much cheaper there. Careline has a wide variety of blush shades! Check out their website; they have colors that would suit every skin tone.

  4. Rattus says:

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for a matte and bloody red blush this December, and that photo you had of Careline Tomato just made me wanna grab it from the screen. More power to you and advanced happy new year! <:3====)~~~~~


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